Site Credits

Nova has been developed on the CodeIgniter PHP framework by EllisLab.

Icons used throughout Nova were created by FamFamFam and Pinvoke.

The Titan skin was created by Anodyne Productions. Edits are permissible provided the original credits remain intact.

The rank sets used in Nova were created by Kuro-chan of Kuro-RPG. The ranksets can be found at Kuro-RPG. Please do not copy or modify the images.

The ship specifications and deck plan are sourced mostly from the Nova Class Technical Manual, copyright 2016 Lawrence J. Cohen, with adjustments from UCIP's Wiki Page and Sixth Fleet's Design and Development Bureau.

The header image is a screen capture from Star Trek: Voyager and is copyright Paramount and CBS, used under Fair Use policy.

Star Trek and related marks are copyright CBS Studios, Inc. No copyright infringement is intended. UCIP is a non-profit organization; and the USS Mark Miller is a free, PG-13, play-by-post role playing game.

This sim is named in honor of Mark Miller, the founder of UCIP Internet (December 6, 1994).