Welcome to the Science Vessel USS Mark Miller!

The USS Mark Miller NCC 120694, or the M&M as it is affectionately known, is a Nova-class science vessel operating in the farthest reaches of the Federation in the Beta Quadrant. The mission is long-term scientific survey and study of planets and systems charted by long-range explorers and probes. The M&M is tasked by leadership at Deep Space Thirteen to perform more detailed analysis and study of target planets.

After the Hobus supernova in 2387 destroyed Romulus, the Romulan Star Empire was thrust into chaos. Factions within the fractured empire vied for control, and Klingons knocked on their doorstep, striking deep into former Empire space. By the time the dust settled, close to a third of the former Empire was annexed by the Klingon Empire. The Romulans that remained founded a Republican government in the Rator system and started to forge peaceful relations with other galactic powers.

Now, eight years after the cataclysm, the galaxy has become somewhat more stable. Federation aid still flows into Romulan space as there are still planets recovering. The Klingons, with more territory and power, have become more aggressive, striking out in old patterns and threatening Federation border worlds.

This is the galaxy within which the USS Mark Miller operates. The ship focuses on science, but run-ins with the Klingons this close to the Empire are inevitable. Will the little ship persevere?

Mark Miller was a founder of UCIP and this vessel and sim are named in honor of his service. Additionally, the Registry number of 120694 is an homage of the founding date of 06 December 1994.

Captain Robert Bull
And His Executive Officer Robert Niko invite
You on the Journey of a life time

A proud member of

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Latest News Items

» New Captain

Posted on 15 Dec 2020 @ 12:10am by Captain Robert Bull in Sim Announcement

New Captain And XO aboard 
Captain Robert Bull and Commander Robert Niko are Proud to serve about you ship and We welcome old and new players to come aboard As Captain I only have basically one  rule have Fun and No Drama

» Status of USS Mark Miller

Posted on 18 Jun 2020 @ 2:26pm by Captain Abigail Rhodes in Sim Announcement


This message is a long time in coming.  After closing the last mission, I have taken a long, hard reflective look into my simming career, and decided it is time to retire.  Having done this since 2001, I am now at an end to my time and motivation to write Star Trek fiction.  So, as of this year, I am officially retiring from simming.

As for what this means for the Mark Miller... that is up to UCIP.  As of this message, I am handing control over to UCIP Admiralty to do with as they will.  For the time being, characters and etc will remain active.  I will retain administrative control over the site itself until such a time that UCIP Admiralty informs me they have someone to pass it on to.  A while back I emailed October, the current UCIP President, but have yet to hear back.  So, who knows how long it might be.

Feel free to continue to write here, if that is your wish, or transfer your characters to another sim.  If you wish to use your character elsewhere, let me know via PM and I can remove you from the manifest and release the character.  As for anything official, missions have been suspended until a new CO takes up the mantle.  And if you happen to have some Great Ideas ands wish to CO the sim yourself, let me know and I can pass your name on to UCIP Admiralty.

-Capt Rhodes (ret.)

» Gremlins Mission Closed

Posted on 23 Jan 2020 @ 1:18pm by Captain Abigail Rhodes in General News


As you have likely seen, I have closed out our Shakedown mission.  I must apologize profusely for the lack of attention I have given the M&M over the past few months.  I am not sure what our next mission will be quite yet.

For now, we will be at the Starbase for shoreleave and R&R.  Feel free to post on the base, the M&M, or the planet.  Lots to see and do on any of those places.  :)

-Capt Rhodes

» UCIP Social Media

Posted on 08 Jul 2019 @ 10:36am by Captain Abigail Rhodes in Out of Character


UCIP is looking for a Social Media person.  The duties are fairly straight forward:

- Post Star Trek, SciFi, etc articles on the UCIP Facebook page (the posts are automatically tweeted to Twitter)
- Post a recurring short "My Favorite Trek" interview with a different fleet member every month (An example will be done soon)
- Every 2 months or so post a longer article (about whatever topic you like) or a longer full-length interview

If this is something that interests you, drop a line to star.idf@gmail.com

-Capt Rhodes

» Mission Orders

Posted on 20 Apr 2019 @ 10:33am by Captain Abigail Rhodes in General News


I've just issued a bit of plot via my NPC.  :)  So, from here, we will pretty easily figure out that the TribbleMatics are replicating themselves by consuming various ship bits.  Not only spare parts and supplies, but operational bits as well (since they can't tell the difference).  We'll get more system glitches, culminating in some pretty severe problems a little later.  ;)

For now, here are some things people can do:
- Fix issues caused by TribbleMatics "eating" components.
- Hunt them down and destroy/deactivate them.
- Experience glitches and system errors.
- Collect data on the imminent planetary collision.
- Brainstorm an idea to solve the infestation.

Please feel free to DM me anytime on Nova or Discord with any further questions or if you need to brainstorm a post idea.

Captian Rhodes

Latest Mission Posts

» New Officer on the block

Mission: Shakedown cruise
Posted on 26 Feb 2021 @ 6:53am by Ensign Rena Sara & Ensign Nisha Tahl


     Rena was on Starbase 13 she had gotten her orders on her padd to report to USS-Mark Miller as Security Officer so she kept walking onto the ship seeing everyone else in line reporting in as well so she did what everyone else did, stayed in…

» He was here a second ago

Mission: Shakedown cruise
Posted on 19 Feb 2021 @ 5:48am by Captain Robert Niko


=Ready Room=

Niko sat quietly working on the maryade of requests from the various departments across the ship. It wasn't long before he received a ring at the door. 


"Come in" as he looked towards the door. 

*The door opened to reveal a tall slender figure.*

"Hello Captain,…

» Cram a meeting in over food, or under the helms console.

Mission: Shakedown cruise
Posted on 10 Feb 2021 @ 1:35pm by Lieutenant Lex D'Gracefull

Ltjg Lex'EL D'Gracefull, the current Chief Engineer, was currently perusing the list of new officers and crew that had arrived from Starfleet HQ and he noticed that the new XO was already here. He had to decide whether to be one of the first or last to look him/her up,…

» Count(less) Coup : part ONE

Mission: Heading Home
Posted on 19 Jan 2021 @ 5:24am by Lieutenant Lex D'Gracefull & Lieutenant Gabriel Walker

::Deck Four,  Jefferies Tube 5C::

Gabe's lips pursed as he held in the sigh.  He wanted to believe that it was just a stupid, idiotic rumor going around the ship that engineering crewmen were challenging each other to go through the ship and into an area that is highly restricted. …

» Drone Wars: Volume 1 - "Doctors aren't Engineers"

Mission: Heading Home
Posted on 17 Jan 2021 @ 5:59pm by Lieutenant Lex D'Gracefull & Lieutenant JG Xero Bren

=/\= USS Mark Miller, Deck Four =/\=

Lex'EL D'Gracefull out the viewports at the support systems, cables, and lines that connected the USS Mark Miller to the starbase as he walked the hallway towards medical. This system provided the hook-ups to provide power and communications while the ship was docked at…