The Sim

The Ship

The USS Mark Miller (or "M&M") is a Nova-class science vessel. The primary source for information about the ship is the Technical Manual. Fleet and non-fleet sources were consulted to finalize the design.

In game, the ship has been selected to be a test-bed for technologies slated for the upcoming Rhode Island upgrade. Therefore, the M&M boasts a more robust warp core and an upgraded deflector shield matrix. The M&M is still certainly not a combat-heavy vessel, so run-and-hide tactics will remain its primary defense.

In addition to the two shuttecraft assigned to the M&M, the ship also boasts a specailized Waverider atmospheric craft docked below the saucer section. This vessel is a short-range explorer craft lacking a warp drive. The impulse engines are small, just enough to get the craft to and from orbit. The Waverider is aerodynamic for efficient atmospheric flight.
The waverider is named the USS Don Davis in memory of the simmer of the same name who passed away in January, 2019.

Deep Space 13

Deep Space 13 is a Regula-class station orbiting geostationary above an M-class planet in the 92 Eridani system; 92 Eridani III. DS13 is the M&M's home port, providing repair and resupply when needed. The station boasts a limited commercial district nicknamed "Babel" where a variety of Beta-quadrant denizens pass through. The primary mission of DS13 is the associated research and exploration of the area, as well as industrial and diplomatic support.

DS13 boasts a staff of 400, half of which are civilian scientists. There are two entrances to the dock area, which is centrally located in the main superstructure. The base can internally accomodate vessels up to Intrepid-class, with larger vessels serviced externally by work bees.

Commander: Rear Admiral Valentina Petrovich

Vessels assigned:

USS Discovery-C
USS Mark Miller
USS Zheng He
USS Francis Drake


Outpost Babylon

A starfleet outpost was built on the M-class planet below DS13 for further research capability. The planet is uninhabited by any intelligent life, and much of the research taking place is studying the planet itself. Additional facilities including recreation and a large landing pad make up the outpost. The name of the base, Babylon, was selected due to the hanging flowery vines that grow all around the area.

Outpost Babylon houses 500 personnel, 400 of which are civilian scientists. The base is run by the civilians, with the assigned Starfleet personnel primarily spporting the infrastructure and Starfleet personnel who visit. The M&M will sometimes land at the outpost for shoreleave opportunities.

Commander: Dr. Talia Wang, PhD

Area of Operations

Our Area of Operations is the Beta-quadrant portion of Federation space. Mainly the frontier near the Darsaean Alliance. The Mark Miller will be given missions within Federaiton space and without, mostly within a few sectors of Deep Space 13 and 92 Eriandi.

This is planned to be a traditional sim, therefore missions will be primarily scientific and/or exploratory in nature. However, with the Klingon Empire close to hand, conflict is sure to occur.


The uniforms used on the Mark Miller are the "future" uniforms seen on "All Good Things..." (TNG), "The Visitor" (DS9), and "Endgame" (VOY). These came into usage around 2395, which happens to be the year the Mark Miller will operate.

Our Canon

The USS Mark Miller is a member of UCIP, but we are not strictly a part of UCIP Fleet Canon. As such, any player transfers between the M&M and other UCIP sims will necessitate a new character. We follow most of UCIP Fleet Canon, but some differences will be noted.

Sim Year is 2395. 17 years after Voyager returned, 8 years after Romulus was destroyed.

• Prime Timeline events from the 2009 Star Trek film are canon. As such, Romulus has been destroyed and the old Romulan Empire is no more. A Republic has taken the place in what was left of the Empire, with the Klingons annexing a lot of what was once the rimward portion of the RSE.

• Our canon primarily consists of only what has appeared on TV or movies, or extrapolated therefrom. Novels do not count, nor do the events of the "Abramsverse" movies with the above exception.

• Events within Star Trek Online can be considered canon on a case-by-case basis, unless previously addressed in this document.

• The ship design is a blend of UCIP canon, external fleet canon, and the Nova Technical Manual. All as referenced in the Credits Page.