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Captain Abigail Rhodes

Name Abigail Rhodes

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35
Actor/Actress Meghan Ory

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 125 lb
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Slight, but knows how to use her leverage. She wears her hair long and loose, only pulling it up for special occasions such as dress uniform functions.


Marital Status single
Spouse / Significant Other Tim Roth - Deceased
Children N/A - one miscarriage.
Father Jackson Rhodes
Mother Honor Rhodes
Brother(s) Roger Rhodes - Cdr, Chief Tactical Officer, USS Osaka.
Michael Rhodes - Cdr (ret.), Engineering Specialist, Starbase 326.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Now almost fifteen years prior, Abby's trauma is mostly in her rearview. However it still erupts from time to time. Mostly when she thinks of how old her child would have been, or when attempting a romantic relationship. When it does, Abby becomes withdrawn and morose, avoiding contact with others as much as she can. That phase sometimes transitions to rage and anger, which she generally spends in the holodeck. On other occasions, it can drive her to drink heavily. On a day-to-day basis, Abby is a consummate professional. She allows a certain amount of casualness on her ship, though some protocols like calling her ma'am are enforced.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: She is deceptively strong and an able hand-to-hand fighter, though far less so than trained Security. She has a keen mind and work focus.

Weaknesses: Her emotional baggage sometimes gets the better of her and sabotages potential romances. In those times she has a tendency to self-medicate with her own personal stash of real alcohol.
Ambitions Despite what she might otherwise say, she does wish to eventually settle down again and raise a family. In the meantime, she is content to focus on her career.
Hobbies & Interests What free time she has she spends on the holodeck. She enjoys sparring programs and medieval-style holonovels.

Personal History Abby was the third and final child of Honor and Jackson Rhoades. She had two older brothers whom she followed everywhere. They were a half dozen years older than her, but she followed them wherever they went. Even as a toddler, she tried to play with them. At holo-games, or sports, or just simple roughhousing. She learned quickly how to keep up with them, and before long, how to beat them. When her brothers entered Starfleet Academy, she was saddened to lose her playmates. But she had made her own friends at school, even among boys, to her parents's consternation.

Her social success followed her through secondary school where she had many suitors. Though one boyfriend did manage to secure her attentions for a solid two years before graduation. She had a choice, then, for what she wanted to do with her life. Her brothers were already serving across the Federation on exciting Starship adventures. She considered following in her mother's footsteps and becoming a civilian researcher. But the stars called to her like they did to her brothers, and so she applied to Starfleet Academy.

Her academy years were pretty standard fare; she studied the Sciences and met many future colleagues. One such colleague, Tim Roth, caught her eye. Her high school boyfriend had followed her to the Academy but had washed out early and she had severed the relationship. The childhood infatuation was no longer working for her. Tim was something else. A more mature student, and a brilliant mind. They often studied together, and explored San Francisco's surrounds together. By Graduation, they had fallen madly in love.

Following Academy graduation, Abby and Tim married. They managed a joint posting aboard the Galaxy-class USS Cheyenne as Science Officers. Abby as a Planetary Scientist, Tim as a Geologist. They worked closely together on many projects, which only fueled their bond further. This was only increased when Abby discovered she was with child early in 2381. She thought she had found happiness; a perfect life. Until that fateful summer day.

It was supposed to be a standard survey mission. But the initial scans did not discover the true danger. The away team was attacked by an unknown, unseen force. The fighting was fierce and vicious, and only ended moments later when someone activated the emergency transporters. Landing in Sickbay, Abby held her husband's head in her lap while he gasped his final breaths, frantic for some kind of help. Though she knew from the looks of his grisly wounds he would not survive. Abby herself did not come out unscathed either. She was sorely wounded in her abdomen, and the injury compounded with her emotional turmoil caused her to miscarry.

Her life completely destroyed in the space of an hour, Abby was a shell of herself. It took the collective efforts of the nursing and counseling teams aboard the Cheyenne to assemble the shattered remains of her psyche. Even so, she applied for and was granted, an extended leave back to Earth.

She stayed with her parents for the next six months. She couldn't handle returning to the ship that destroyed her. It was only when she was offered a posting to the much smaller USS Nova that she considered returning to duty. She remained as a Planetary Specialist in the Science department, and put off the standard promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade for an additional six months. Her time away had taken away from her time-in-grade to be eligible for promotion.

On the small ship, Abby was able to focus back on her work. The mission of the Nova was more specialized long-term studies of already-explored systems, so it was a far safer assignment than the bleeding-edge discovery mission of the Cheyenne. It was very quiet, a perfect assignment for Abby to rehabilitate at and assimilate back into Starfleet life.

After two years doing extremely boring catalog work, Abby was itching for something more exciting. She still carried emotional baggage from her time on the Cheyenne, so she avoided the more prestigious postings. She was offered an assistant chief scientist position aboard the Nebula-class cruiser USS Yarmouth. It was an explorer, like the Cheyenne, but on slightly less dangerous missions. There was still danger, but Abby's position relegated her to bridge duty most of the time, especially when her department head was on away teams.

Abby served well and enjoyed her service on the Yarmouth. She formed friendships, though her prior trauma still kept her hesitant about romance. When her department head was reassigned in 2386, Abby stuck around and re-upped her assignment, accepting a promotion in position and rank.

Her service aboard the Yarmouth ended two years later with the ship's destruction. It was a relief mission to a Klingon-owned colony populated mostly by humans. Due to some miscommunications and assumptions, combat erupted between the Yarmouth and a Klingon battlecruiser. The Yarmouth held its own, but the Klingons were victorious. Luckily, very nearly all of the crew survived because the Captain and First Officer remained on the bridge to keep the Klingons busy while the escape pods made for the planet. In the end, they were the only casualties, receiving posthumous awards.

Abby was rebuilding her confidence, so she immediately applied for a new posting. The sovereign-class USS Farragut-A needed a Chief Science Officer, and despite the more dangerous mission profile, she accepted. The Farragut was a challenge she relished. Her trauma was getting further in her rearview, but triggers still came now and then, most often self-sabotaging efforts at romance. She did become close friends with the command team, Captain Jack Holden, and First Officer Commander Nora Yamato. That working relationship led to Captain Holden recommending Abby for command school in 2390.

When Captain Holden retired the next year, Commander Yamato was promoted to Captain, and Abby moved into the First Officer position. Over the next four years, Abby and Nora formed a tight team, leading the Farragut to excellence. When, in 2395, Abby received an offer to command her own ship, it was an offer she couldn't refuse.
Service Record 2377 - 2381: Starfleet Academy; Sciences
2381 - 2382 : USS Cheyenne, Ensign, Planetary Sciences Section Lead
2382: Medical Leave
2382 - 2384: USS Nova, Ensign, Planetary Sciences Section Lead
2384 - 2386: USS Yarmouth, Lt(jg), Asst. Chief Science Officer
2386 - 2388: USS Yarmouth, Lt, Chief Science Officer
2388 - 2391: USS Farragut-A, LtCdr, Chief Science Officer
2390: Command School
2391 - 2395: USS Farragut-A, Cdr, Executive Officer
2395 - Pres: USS Mark Miller, Captain, Commanding Officer