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Lieutenant Commander Atven Dantarno

Name Atven Dantarno

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Part-Betazoid
Home Planet Tau Cygna V
Age 52
Actor/Actress Tom Welling

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 187 lbs
Hair Color Black (Greying)
Eye Color Blue (Implants)
Physical Description Tall and well-built, Atven maintains a toned physique, though not with quite as much dedication as he had on previous assignments. His hair has begun to grey, and he carries himself with a certain weariness. His eyes are fitted with ocular implants, and there are subtly-visible external components of auditory implants tucked behind his ears.


Marital Status single
Spouse / Significant Other N/A
Children N/A
Father Even Dantarno
Mother Allina Delso
Brother(s) Jaden Dantarno (half-brother)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Atven has a habit of separating himself from the world. His implants leave him feeling simultaneously detached and hyperaware, a paradox that can make social interaction a taxing prospect. He is not a loner, and does not necessarily desire to be alone: he simply finds it "easier" than having to tune himself into being around others.

He keeps most of this to himself, and most see him as someone who politely declines socialisation outside of work with no ulterior motive.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Atven possesses enhanced vision and hearing, as well as empathic senses. He is highly perceptive, particularly when it comes to insight and psychological analysis. He is skilled at problem-solving, is mechanically adept, and over a decade of experience as a combat officer. Having grown up on Tau Cygna V, Atven has an evolved resistance to the hyperonic radiation found on the planet.

Weaknesses: Atven is sometimes overly perceptive, to an extent that can make people uncomfortable, and serve as an obstacle to forming friendships. He suffers from some post-traumatic symptoms, which can be triggered by sudden bursts of light and sound. Certain forms of radiation can also prove problematic to his implants.
Ambitions Having spent the last two decades of his career in varying states of wartime and tactical alertness, Atven's current aspiration is to return to the more conventional normalcy he enjoyed at the start of his career. He wants normalcy, and the opportunity to take stock and consider which direction his life will take next.
Hobbies & Interests Atven has a fondness for Earth (and Federation) history, particularly historic media and literature, much of which he encountered second- and third-hand from the human ancestors of the Tau Cygna V colony. He is also fascinated by the period of history that his ancestors "missed" during their isolation.

Personal History Born in 2343, Atven is a third generation colonist on Tau Cygna V. His great-grandfather, a retired Starfleet engineer who had been aboard the colony ship SS Artemis when she crashed, had become the architect of the colony that the survivors built from the wreckage, and his descendants became the caretakers of the settlement, handing down the knowledge to repair and replace the various makeshift amenities from generation to generation.

Atven was twenty-three in 2366 when the colony was expelled by the Sheliak Corporate, in accordance with the Treaty of Armens. Thrust into the Federation refugee system, Atven became fascinated with a world that was larger and more complex than anything he had encountered back home. Nowhere near qualified to apply for Starfleet Academy, Atven instead decided to enlist in Starfleet, seeing it as an opportunity to learn about and experience the wonders of the galaxy.

By the Dominion War, Atven was a Chief Petty Officer serving aboard the USS Galacta. During an away mission to a Jem'Hadar outpost, Atven was subjected to an experimental Dominion weapon which, through a burst of intense light, sound, and radiation, irreparably damaged his optic and auditory nerves. Atven was shipped back to Earth, and spent the remainder of the war at Starfleet Medical. He was fitted with ocular and auditory implants to compensate for his lost senses, but struggled to adapt, and by the time his eighteen months of rehabilitation and acclimation had concluded, the war was long over.

Atven returned to service in 2377, calling in favours from previous shipmates and passing through several assignments over the next few years. In 2381 he was awarded a commission, becoming the leader of a Marine Corps contingent aboard the USS Saturn. From there he found his way into strategic operations roles, and eventually to a classified assignment with Starfleet Tactical.

After nearly a decade of undisclosed assignments, Atven began to suffer a midlife crisis of sorts. Weary of the militaristic nature his career had taken, he craved the innocent simplicity that had led him to join Starfleet in the first place. After a few years spent juggling his responsibilities to Starfleet Tactical with a teaching post at Starfleet Academy, he managed to secure a position for himself aboard the USS Mark Miller, hoping that as the helmsman aboard a science vessel, he could find some peace and simplicity.
Service Record 2366 - 2369: USS Galacta, Crewman, Operations Technician
2369 - 2372: USS Galacta, Petty Officer, Operations Technician
2372 - 2375: USS Galacta, Chief Petty Officer, Operations Technician
2375 - 2375: USS Galacta, Senior Chief Petty Officer, Boatswain
2375 - 2377: Rehab at Starfleet Medical
2377 - 2378: USS Zodiac, Senior Chief Petty Officer, Armory Officer
2378 - 2380: USS Zealandia, Senior Chief Petty Officer, Armory Officer
2380 - 2381: USS Saturn, Senior Chief Petty Officer, Boatswain
2381 - 2383: USS Saturn, Marine Captain, Company Commander
2383 - 2385: USS Oberon, Major, Strategic Operations Officer
2386 - 2386: USS Pegasus, Major, Chief of Strategic Security
2386 - 2391: CLASSIFIED - Starfleet Tactical
2391 - 2395: Starfleet Academy, Lt. Commander, Tactical Instructor
2395 - PRES: USS Mark Miller, Lt. Commander, Chief Flight Control Officer