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Lieutenant JG Kijirra Adhaferra

Name Kijirra Adhaferra

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Angosian
Home Planet Angosia III
Age 38
Owner (for NPCs) Jace
Actor/Actress Chyler Leigh

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Average height, and a slender athletic build.


Marital Status single

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kijirra wears her emotions openly, often exuding an aura of toughness and stern disapproval, which can often make her seem unapproachable. She can usually be found alone, either working overtime or hunkered down in a quiet corner of one of the ship's common areas.
Strengths & Weaknesses A graduate from the University of Alpha Centauri, with a degree in Astronautics and Astrometrics. She is an adept pilot, navigator, and aeronautical engineer. However, her people skills leave something to be desired, and her people's affinity towards peace and non-violence can sometimes seem aloof. She is known to have tense relationships with officers who fought on behalf of Starfleet during the Dominion War, and other such conflicts.
Ambitions Kijirra had hoped to enjoy a career in academia: still a teenager when her homeworld had joined the Federation, she was driven by a desire to learn more about the larger galaxy that her world had joined, and a desire to return home with that knowledge and pass it on to later generations.

These ambitions were set aside when Kijirra volunteered to join Starfleet during the Romulan refugee crisis that followed the Hobus supernova, and have not yet managed to get back on track.
Hobbies & Interests Very few. Kijirra is highly focused on her work, and any downtime between her Starfleet duties is dedicated to progressing her doctoral thesis.

Personal History Kijirra Adhaferra was nine years old when the USS Enterprise intervened in a feud between Angosia III and the penal colony Lunar V, uncovering systemic sentient rights violations that brought a halt to the Angosians' petition to join the Federation.

By the time Kijirra reached adulthood, social changes at home and the Dominion War elsewhere in the galaxy had seen that petition revisited, fast-tracked, and accepted, but the events of the Danar Uprising and the galactic reaction to it had become a point of planetary shame, one that Kijirra was forced to contend with when she elected to leave home at age 20 and pursue a degree in Astronautics and Astrometrics at the University of Alpha Centauri. The marginal awareness of her student peers, and Kijirra's desire to defend her people and culture against their uneducated presumptions frequently brought Kijirra into conflict with other students, and cemented an argumentative and confrontational attitude that sticks with her to this day, distancing her both from new acquaintances and from the typically peaceful attitudes of her people.

Kijirra had no particular desire to join Starfleet, whom her people regarded with a certain sense of distrust thanks to the Enterprise's meddling in their Federation application years prior, but after three years as a research fellow she accepted a teaching post at Starfleet Academy, as an opportunity to advance her academic career. She was there when the Romulan homeworld was destroyed by a supernova, and was shocked to see the genuine compassion and concern that guided the Federation's humanitarian efforts towards a species with which they had such a turbulent history. Kijirra decided to join Starfleet to help with those efforts, and was fast-tracked through officer training in two years, assigned to the Flight Operations pool on Starbase 234 after graduation.

After aiding with refugee and logistics efforts for several years, Kijirra was reassigned to the frontier outpost Deep Space 13, assisting with the transport of research and logistics supplies to the station and the nearby science outpost Babylon. She had intended to bring her Starfleet service to a close at the end of eight years, but decided otherwise after being offered a posting as a Flight Control Officer aboard a starship, reasoning that it would be foolish to pass up such an opportunity. Kijirra does one day wish to return to teaching and academia, but for now those plans are on hold.
Service Record 2377 - 2381: University of Alpha Centauri (Undergraduate)

2384 - 2387: Starfleet Academy, Astronautics Instructor
2387 - 2389: Starfleet Academy, Flight Operations (fast-track)
2389 - 2391: Starbase 234, Ensign, Flight Operations Officer
2391 - 2393: Starbase 234, Lieutenant JG, Flight Operations Officer
2393 - 2395: Deep Space 13, Lieutenant JG, Transport Pilot
2395 - PRES: USS Mark Millar, Lieutenant JG, Flight Control Officer