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Ensign Cheyenne Hidatsa

Name Cheyenne Hidatsa

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Home Planet Solosos III
Age 23
Owner (for NPCs) Jace
Actor/Actress Kristina Reyes

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 121 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Though of average height and build, Cheyenne's shy and timid nature often makes her seem smaller and less imposing than she is. She usually wears her hair down whenever regulations permit, often hiding behind it when she is overwhelmed.


Marital Status single
Brother(s) Mandan Hidatsa - Petty Officer (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cheyenne can be timid and skittish, particularly in new situations, but when comfortable she comes out of her shell, and is capable of a warm, optimistic, and sometimes even bubbly nature. Friends at the Academy knew her by the nickname "Shiny" because of this, and within her training squadron she had the callsign "Firefly".
Strengths & Weaknesses Cheyenne is a highly proficient pilot, with good instincts and a flair for creativity, adaptability, and improvisation. She works well with others, and endears herself quickly to new groups. However, she lacks the confidence required for leadership, which may prove to be an obstacle for more senior officer roles.
Ambitions Joining Starfleet was her brother's ambition, not Cheyenne's, but after Mandan was killed in action she chose to pursue a career with Starfleet as a way to be closer to his memory.

Personal History Cheyenne was an infant when her family was displaced from Solosos III in the Demilitarized Zone. Though not actively Maquis, her parents were sympathetic to their cause and saw the Federation and Starfleet as heartless institutions that had betrayed them, a mindset that they tried to instil in both their children. Cheyenne was too young to feel strongly either way, but after the Jem'Hadar wiped out the Maquis in entirety, and the Federation went to war against them, Mandan became resolute in his desire to one day join Starfleet - particularly given how much it annoyed his parents. He did so when Cheyenne was only eleven, enlisting in Starfleet as a way to leave home as swiftly as possible.

Though the relocation from Solosos III left the Hidatsa family unsettled, Cheyenne was too young to remember that particular home, and was largely unaffected by the changes in their circumstance. A diligent student, Cheyenne advanced through the Federation education system ahead of the curve, and by age 17 had been invited to apply for Starfleet Academy. Initially, she intended to decline, but when her brother went missing and was declared dead, she chose to accept the invitation as a way of honouring her brother's memory and gaining a posthumous understanding of what his life might have been like. Not drawn to a particular field, Cheyenne elected to study Flight Operations, qualifying as a pilot and navigator.

After graduating in the middle of her class, Cheyenne was assigned to the USS Acheron, a Danube-class runabout. For the next eighteen months she served aboard with no fixed assignment, piloting courier missions from Starbase to Starbase, living from guest quarters to guest quarters. At first the assignment had appealed, granting her the opportunity to see as much of the Federation as possible, but after months of experiencing only glimpses of Federation worlds a handful of days at the time - and spending the remainder of that period in the dull and generic confines of runabouts and starbases - she grew disillusioned, and requested a starship assignment. This request was noticed and noted by Commander Atven Dantarno, a passenger on one of her Acheron missions, who accepted her for a transfer to the Flight Control department of the USS Mark Miller.
Service Record 2389 - 2393: Starfleet Academy, Cadet, Flight Operations
2383 - 2385: USS Acheron, Ensign, Helmsman (Runabout)
2385 - PRES: USS Mark Millar, Ensign, Flight Control Officer