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Lieutenant Lex D'Gracefull

Name Lex EL D'Gracefull

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Solarian
Home Planet Solarian IIa
Age 27(45sol)

Physical Appearance

Height 2.07 METERS
Weight 217 kg
Hair Color Bronze
Eye Color Blue with violet specks
Physical Description barrel-chested, tall, and not that coordinated. Huge hands and feet add to his large look. Wears a combat / grav-harness over his standard Starfleet coveralls, to give him any kind of coordination.


Marital Status married
Spouse / Significant Other Janet
Father Bob
Mother Allice
Brother(s) Dex'EL D'Gracefull, Engineering Officer USS Vindicator
Hex'EL D'Gracefull, Operations Officer, TSS Genisis
Sister(s) Laz'rit D'Gracefull
Ten'ara D'Gracefull

Personality & Traits

General Overview unbridled enthusiasm, friendly and nieve. Likes helping others, although that unbridled enthusiasm can cause problems. ill at east around the opposite sex. unlike his brother Dex'EL Dgracefull, somewhat dangerous with tools. Twitches when someone brings up shore leave.
Strengths & Weaknesses S- Three times as strong as the average human.
S- if it has a control console, he can fly it, which strange for an engineer...
S- Extremely high loyalty index. Will challenge a Gorn to protect a friend(disciplined SD240511.31)
W-Breaks things due to being born on a heavy gravity world(1.56 standard earth), and they just don't make things durable enough.
W-Uses a gravity harness to simulate his homeworld gravity, and give him a modicum amount of coordination.
W-Can't stand bridge consoles, as they confine him too much.
W-Due to his high metabolism and huge build, always hungry and snacking.
W-Allergic to stimulants, Chloromydride, Anesthezine, Tricordrazine.
W-some what gullible and can be taken advantage of, wears his heart on his sleeve.
Ambitions see every supernova in the Beta Quadrant.
Hobbies & Interests Emergency services, ham radio, Building things, and designing things

Personal History After a typical Solarian childhood( mandatory schooling until the age of 40(20 Terran ) followed by a 1-year Homeguard assignment, during which he Discovered he had a Love to explore and a knack for operating thing's outside normal limitations. Assigned to a high-value transport ship. Found life to be slow and requested posting to the Starfleet Academy. Upon Graduation Ensign Lex'EL D'Gracefull was assigned to the USS Thunderchild in Engineering Department.

Lex'EL served for a year and a half, made LTJG then retired after an encounter with an enraged Chulnuk( think a cross between large Rhino and spider) Lex'EL is a little reluctant to go on away missions since then. Although he had a knack for operations with simulator scores through the roof and made the recruiter blink sever times when Lex'EL flat refused to go to Operations and requesting Engineering, he then had to spend thirty minutes explaining on the fact that most consoles were designed for a smaller person and that being said, he would rather be stuck in the cockpit of a fighter than behind a console on the bridge. This started another round of simulator tests and yet another half hour of although vocally violent discussions, Lex'EL managed to keep calm and not fold the recruiter into a locker and just walk out...he was good at simulators, real-world things were different. He flat out refused to do anything outside of engineering.

His actions must have had not been as controlled as he had hoped, because he was brought back as an ensign instead of his previous rank as LTJG and assigned to the USS Mark Miller.
Service Record SD238509.10 Entered Starfleet Academy
SD238906.12 Assigned USS THUNDERCHILD as Engineering Officer
SD238909.17 Assigned USS THUNDERCHILD as AEO
SD239006.17 Promoted to LTJG during ship deployment.
SD239006.17 Assigned USS THUNDERCHILD as CEO
SD239104.29 Transferred to Starfleet Reserves
SD239105.17 Assigned Solarian Navy, Close Escort CE-113 as CEO
SD239503.03 Transferred to Starfleet Active Duty.
SD239503.03 Assigned USS Mark Miller, rank Ensign. Engineering Officer