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Lieutenant Derrick Law

Name Derrick Ethan Law III

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Home Planet Earth
Age 32
Actor/Actress Chadwick Boseman

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 3"
Weight 210
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Derrick appears to be very athletic in build, spending a good bit of his time in the gym or the holodeck training. It shows in the leanness of his body type. He has one tattoo:
Left Shoulder - 21st Century USN emblem
He generally keeps his hair short, with a fade on the sides.


Marital Status single
Spouse / Significant Other N/A
Children N/A
Father Derrick Law, Jr. - Captain, USS Nova
Mother Samantha Law - Lieutenant Commander, USS Nova, CMO
Brother(s) Howard Law - 21 - Student - Florida State University
Sister(s) Megan Law - 17 - Student USS Nova

Personality & Traits

General Overview Derrick is your typical fleet brat. He spent more time on ships than he did on Earth, despite being from Earth. He is the oldest of three, and determined to follow in his parent's footsteps and climb the ranks in the fleet.

He was a pretty good student in school, but a much better athlete. Being physically fit was something he figured should go hand and hand with an officer in the fleet, so in his free time he always managed to find a gym no matter where his parents were stationed.
Strengths & Weaknesses Intelligent, very strategic, and even tempered.
Very charismatic when necessary.
Ambitions To become one of the most decorated officers in the fleet. To continue his parent's legacy. To have a family, and also to be an asset no matter where he is stationed.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, holonovels, and cooking

Personal History Childhood:
Derrick's childhood is typical of any kid with parents in the fleet. He spent more times among the stars than back home on Earth. Having only a few friends due to the assignment hopping his parents did Derrick would spend a lot of time either reading or playing games on the holodeck. He was a fan of strategic games and tried to make them as interactive as possible.

Teen years:
For his teen years Derrick spent time on Starbase 9. By this time he had younger siblings and his parents were both Department Heads there. It was nice to have some stability as he was able to complete high school in one spot, and actually enjoy life as a teenager. At an early age Derrick knew he would join the fleet so he spent time making the most of his high school experience by playing football and attempting to have a social life. Upon graduation, he immediately enrolled into the Academy as a logistics major.

Post Academy:
Upon graduating the academy, Derrick was assigned to the USS Tacoma a medical vessel. Ensign Law quickly learned that, theory in school doesn't amount to anything you learn in the field. While it was a medical vessel, the assignments required more than a typical medical assignment. He showed that he could adapt and was quickly promoted to team leader within the operations department.

While on a shore party, Derrick's strategic knowledge, was valuable in the success of a rescue mission, and saving the lives of his team mates. While serving however he did sustain an injury and earned not only a commendation for meritorious service and a purple heart. Six months later he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

He was reassigned to the USS Kennedy a Carrier class ship and made Assistant Chief of Operations. This assigned proved to be exactly what he needed, the Kennedy was a ship going through a massive command rehaul and as such their operations department needed competent service members. Derrick assisted Lieutenant Commander T'Vor in not only revamping the entire ops department but, also creating a new system operations on Carrier class vessels.

It was this work and two other commendations, plus the recommendation of his Department head that landed Derrick with a promotion and his current assignment.
Service Record Four Years - Starfleet Academy - Logistic Promoted to Ensign upon graduation
USS Tacoma - Ensign - Operations: Award the Purple Heart, and Naval Meritorious Service Medal - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade - Reassigned to the USS Kennedy
USS Kennedy - Assistant Chief of Operations - Award Starfleet Achievement Medal; Awarded Starfleet Commendation for Excellence in Service. Promoted to Lieutenant and Reassigned to the USS Mark Miller and Chief Operations Officer.