Commander Dane Aijaa

Name Dane Aijaa

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Joint Trill
Home Planet Trill
Age 113
Actor/Actress Lucille Ball

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 131 lbs
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Hair like a bowl of porridge but if the porridge was orange with leopard sports going down the sides of her peak skin-toned face. Dane has a small frame


Marital Status single
Spouse / Significant Other
Father Putihn Putihn
Mother Oogos Kitys

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dane can seem quite fair for first impressions but really she isn’t she sticks to ger guts and rules.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength
Great memoire

Puts too much into reports
Ambitions Dane doesn't want much in life or really anything
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies

Wine making

Personal History Host's & Hostess
1st Host, Dr Oscar Ajjaa
2nd Host, Commander Tarim Ajjaa
3rd Hostess, Commander Dane Ajjaa

Dane Kitys

Dr Oscar Ajjaa

This was host was ⅞ Human and ⅓ Trill and looked more like a Human. Though seeming young during his old age, Oscar was the oldest host spanning 666 years. Oscar worked as a Surgeon in Arizona for 77 years until he retired. Oscar was married to a female human and had 3 children but they divorced following an argument Oscar for 80 years was unmarried and had outlived his children grandchildren and many great-grandchildren which were 100% Human but he still found love after his divorce with a man called Thomas Moore they settled down together before Oscar’s Symobiant had to be transferred to another host due to the host body passing away from old age a year later.

Commander Tarim Ajjaa

This host was 100% Trill. His joined Starfleet at 77 very young for his age however he became a master of flying. His teachers noted his piloting breathtaking and when leaving the Academy he climbed the ranks quite quickly reaching Lieuteant Commander after 38 years and started teaching Flight Control at the Academy on Earth but when the Federation-Cardissan war began Commander Tarim transferred to a starship on the front lines until 2366 when the war ended however he gathered support from the crew and overthrow the ship's Captain to create a better outcome of the Cardassian War. The Miranda Class was shoot down but himself and some other offices managed to escape and launch their own assault against the Cardassian Union when the Maquis was formed in 2370 Tarim and his team joined-up working for them but when it fell in 2373 Tarim was arrested by the Federation and reminded until 2376 where he was murdered but the Symobiant survived.

Commander Dane Ajjaa

The 3rd and first female host her service to the Ajjaa is still on going!

Dane Kitys

Dane was born to very poor but loving parents on Trill she had a good childhood though she did struggle with her exmations when she was a Teenager but after leaving school with no dream or plan of her future Dane Kitys appiled to the Symbiosis Commission and was accepted.

After a hundred years of preparations, they decided Dane was ready to be joint when she was jointed she easily adjusted to the lives of the other hosts and her path was clear. Join up with Starfleet...Again.

She was accepted into Starfleet and choice the course of Engineering something Dane really never saw the point of until she was jointed she made quite a few friends during her time with the knowledge of the previous host being in Starfleet she knew what to expect on the exams and how to plan and pass easily which she usefully did gaining an A* in all subjects.

Her first posting was on the USS Basilisk a Nova Class starship she worked tirelessly always working on things and repairing or upgrading systems she didn't get noticed by the Chief Engineering but she did get noticed by the Captain when he was touring the lower decks after 2 years of watching Dane worked he removed his Chief Engineering and replaced him with a newly promoted Lieuteant Junior Grade.

She had some great ideas for the department which she did and the ship became the best in the task force increasing power distribution phaser range and better torpedoes range however after 3 years in the role she was promoted to Lieuteant Full Grade but also received an offer of Second Officer and Chief Engineering which she took.

The Nomad was a steamruner class small but quick like the Norway again she worked every hour day to night but she didn't along with the ship's Captain always seeing different ways of solving the puzzle after 5 years the Captain got fed up and replaced her with someone who didn't know his stuff.

The USS Norway was a Norway class and Dane felt proud to be on it. He was a good looking ship with good systems Dane had good relations with the crew and Captain and she wasn't planning on moving to another ship anytime soon but Starfleet Command had re-assigned her elsewhere after 5 years of service on the Mark Miller.

USS Mark Miller
Report not filed
Service Record 2395 - Present
USS Mark Miller
Executive Officer
Commander - Present

2390 - 2395
USS Norway
Executive Officer
Lieutenant Commander - Commander

2386 - 2390
USS Nomad
Second Officer & Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant - Lieutenant Commander

2382 - 2386
USS Basilisk
Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade - Lieutenant

2380 - 2382
USS Basilisk
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Ensign - Lieutenant Junior Grade

2376 - 2380
Beta Ursae Minor II
Starfleet Academy
Major: Engineering
Cadet Freshmen Grade - Ensign

Joint with Aijaa Symobiant

2276 - 2376
Symbiosis Commission