Lieutenant Commander Zev

Name Zev

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ferengi
Home Planet New Seattle, Penthara IV
Age 38
Owner (for NPCs) Trael

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 148 lbs
Hair Color n/a
Eye Color Green
Physical Description A typical Ferengi, short in stature with large ears and pointed teeth


Marital Status married
Spouse / Significant Other Dr Fytherix, USS Sanctuary
Children n/a
Father James Young (adopted)
Mother Latrice Young (adopted)
Brother(s) n/a
Sister(s) n/a
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Orphaned at a very young age, Zev grew up in the city of New Seattle on a Federation colony world. It was rare that he encountered other Ferengi on his adopted homeworld, and dreamt of becoming a doctor of psychology; early in his Starfleet career his credentials, disarming nature, and charisma lead to a number of assignments with the Federation's Diplomatic Corps, where he attained the rank of Ambassador over the years.
Strengths & Weaknesses Zev has exceptional hearing--both a blessing and a curse. He can hear changes in heartrate or breathing patterns, but is incapacitated by overwhelming and abrasive sounds. A lesser known trait of his species, his visual acuity is slightly below average. Having spent the majority of his career as either a psychotherapist or Ambassador, he never learned to pilot starships or shuttles.
Ambitions While he hopes to settle down and start a family with his husband, their careers in Starfleet and the FDC doesn't afford them much time to see one another.

While he looks forward to rising in ranks, it's not his sole focus; first contact scenarios and diffusing hostile situations are his passions.
Hobbies & Interests TBD

Personal History TBD
Service Record Ensign: USS Guardian, Jr Counselor
Diplomatic attache to Ambassador Granger, various locations

LtJG/Envoy: Federation Diplomatic Corps, various locations

Ambassador: USS Latrice Royale: Chief Diplomatic Officer and Assistant Ship's Counselor
USS Sanctuary: (sabattical)
Starbase 204: Zetari: Acting Chief Diplomatic Officer