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Lieutenant Pippa Faust

Name Pippa Temperance Faust

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Home Planet Earth
Age 32
Actor/Actress Jessica Parker Kennedy

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1"
Weight 110lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Pippa is very petite in stature and youthful in overall appearance, but beneath her fragile countenance belies a strength born of years of religious physical maintenance.


Marital Status married
Spouse / Significant Other Gethen Faust (Lieutenant - Engineer, USS Mark Miller)
Father Toby Prentiss (Stepfather - Commander, Chief Science Officer - USS Innovation)
Mother Maureen Prentiss (Civilian Xenobiochemist - USS Innovation)
Brother(s) Flick Prentiss (13)
Sister(s) Pepper Prentiss (16)
Other Family Penelope Vaughn (Maternal Grandmother)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Pippa is an amazingly compassionate, sweet-hearted individual. She cares deeply for others which lends greatly to her work in the medical field. She is extremely driven and meticulous, the latter particularly obvious in the acute case of OCD that she possesses. This also leads occasionally to overworking. She doesn't considering being a workaholic a negative thing, however. She just doesn't like leaving tasks undone and wants to be able to help in any way she can, even if it means overcommitting herself.

Pippa has been open about how she feels her and her husband being stationed separately put a strain on their relationship. When asked what it's like when they're together, her answer is inevitably summarized in the same manner every time: it's fine, there's just some tension. She did admit that she is excited at the prospect of finally being stationed on the same ship and being able to live together.

She doesn't know who her father is, but she fully considers her dad to be Toby Prentiss. She has an excellent relationship with him and the rest of her family. After spending so many years with it just being her and her mother, Pippa thinks of her as her best friend, and she would do just about anything for her sister and brother.

Because of her sweet nature, small stature, and very youthful appearance, Pippa seems to give the impression that she is naive and perhaps even easily-manipulated. To some extent, she has admitted, she does tend to be something of a conformist and often allows others to get away with things just to maintain a relationship. That is, at least, in her everyday life. In her sickbay, however, it's a completely different story. When someone's health is in question, she is in complete control, demanding respect and full cooperation.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Pippa's deep compassion for others and her drive to always find the answer and the help for those in need.

Weaknesses: Pippa has a rather acute case of OCD and disruptions in her routines can put her on edge. Also, her chromesthesia makes her more sensitive to sound than the average human – too much noise can cause migraines. This is one of the reasons why she prefers spend her free time alone or with her animals rather than with people. This can also cause her to be occasionally snippy with those around her.

Hobbies & Interests Animal husbandry, animal rehabilitation, yoga

Personal History Pippa was born to a then-young-and-single mother. She never met her father, nor was she allowed to discuss the matter either. Her mom, Maureen, wanted nothing to do with the man and thought it better for everyone if they just went about their lives pretending he didn't exist.

Pippa was diagnosed early on with chromesthesia, a form of sound-to-color synesthesia that causes her to see and associate certain colors with different sounds. In over-stimulating environments, it has occasionally been problematic, but more than not, she's found her unique brain wiring to be informative. One of the big reasons she ended up loving her stepfather l was the warm colors of his voice.

The first 13 years of her life were spent following her mother around from one research facility to another. It was at an scientific outpost way out in "the middle of freaking nowhere", as described by the bored teen, that her mother met her later-to-be husband, Toby Prentiss. He was Starfleet science officer with the intelligence and wit to match Pippa's mother's and that was it.

Pippa wasn't sure about Toby at first, but quickly learned to love him. She started calling him "Dad" a few months after he and her mother were married and not long after that, he officially adopted her, changing her last name from Vaughn to Prentiss.

Eventually, at the age of 16, Pippa became a big sister to Pepper and again 3 years later to Flick. She absolutely adores her sister and brother.

Pippa didn't get a whole lot of time to spend with her siblings though because she knew from very early on where her path in life was taking her - to medicine. At first is was going to be veterinary medicine because of her utter obsession with animals, but it later shifted to proper medicine. With her mom a xenobiochemist, Pippa spent a great deal of time around scientist and doctors and watching them work shaped her greatly. She appreciated the idea of her mother's work, but Pippa knew that research wasn't for her. She wanted to be in the action, helping people in real time. Pippa pushed herself in her schooling to prepare herself for her future and with perhaps just a little influencing from her dad's Starfleet background, she applied for Starfleet Medical Academy at the age of 17 and was accepted.

After 8 years at the Academy, Pippa graduated top of her class, specializing in emergency medicine, and was assigned aboard the USS Waverly for her residency. It was there that she met the man she would marry, an engineer by the name of Gethen Faust. He was charming, funny, charismatic; the type of man who lit up a room just by being in it. Pippa fell hard for him and when he asked her to marry him, she said yes without a thought.

The marriage didn't go off without a hitch, however. At first Pippa's family was reticent to accept him given that they had barely met him, though he did win them over eventually, and then two months after their marriage, Pippa was reassigned to the USS Farragut while Gethen remained on the Erso.

The pair spent 4 years only seeing each other in person when they both had shore leave and while it did put strain on their relationship, they have made it work. Happily though, they have now both been assigned to a new ship together, the USS Mark Miller, and more than that, Pippa's excellent work aboard the Farragut earned the position of Chief Medical Officer.
Service Record 2380 - 2388: Starfleet Medical Academy
2388 - 2391: Cadet cruise/residency aboard the USS Erso
2391 - 2395: Medical Officer, USS Farragut
2395 - Present: Chief Medical Officer, USS Mark Miller