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Lieutenant Gabriel Walker

Name Gabriel Walker

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid (presumed)
Home Planet Betazed (presumed)
Age 31
Actor/Actress N/A

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4
Weight 210
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Tall, muscular and stoic, Walker often seems to draw attention whether he wants it or not. He rarely smiles and seems to study everything around him as if searching for the key to a pattern.


Marital Status single
Spouse / Significant Other N/A
Children N/A
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Walker seems distant and cold, as well as emotionless and detached. For most, his traits of directness and honesty, as well as an unrelenting refusal to accept social pleasentries, jingoisms, idioms makes him seem harsh and cold. He still has trouble accepting a world that runs contrary to the way it should, with rationality and objectivity and that sometimes causes him issues. Most will never understand him enough to see the fierce loyalty and protectiveness under the hard shell.
Strengths & Weaknesses He sees his blunt honesty and directness as both his strength and weakness.
Kantian deontology
Often inability to understand or notice emotional states of others
Seemingly uncaring about others
Believes "self esteem" comes from the self and should be that way
Ambitions If asked, Walker will state he has no ambitions, he prefers to work toward attainable goals and sees "ambition" as just another way of saying "dream" which is ultimately meaningless. Instead he prefers actionable and measurable goals. However, he does long to know where he came from and, most importantly, why he was the one abandoned.
Hobbies & Interests Criminal Justice, philosophy, studying, music, fitness, outdoor activities (camping, hiking, kayaking, etc.),

Personal History Starfleet never discovered the identities of the bodies found on the derelict ship. They were unable to discover who put the baby into a stasis chamber, hidden well below the viewport and how that was possibly what saved this child from the slaughter that encompassed the rest of the ship. Nor could Starfleet determine who committed that slaughter.

The baby was turned over to Federation services who attempted to find the baby's family through genetic scans but, though the scans leaned toward Betazed, no confirmed matches could be found. Reluctantly, and with no other options, the baby was turned over to the Federation Child and Family Division and placed into foster care. Without a manifest on the ship, the child's name couldn't be determined and so was named by the foster home where the child was placed.

Which is how Gabriel "Gabe" Walker came to be.

The child grew but was considered 'odd' from the start. Despite Betazed culture and physiology being widely known, the mostly Terran social workers and foster care providers couldn't help but feel as if there was something off - and creepily so - about the child. While most others found their way into foster homes and, for a good many, adoption, Gabe Walker never lasted long outside of the foster care system. Even within the system his childhood was marked with awkward isolation.

Walker came to view his Betazed heritage as shameful and unwanted and did his best to do what was necessary to cut off anything about him that made him Betazoid, desperately wanting to be nothing more than just another Terran child - where maybe he could then find someone to care for him as he'd seen happen to other children.

Nature being what it is, however, such desires would come to nothing and the more Walker tried, the more disappointed and disillusioned he became. Finally, he just realized that there was something unloveable about him and gave up trying.

During school, he was introduced to philosophy through Socrates and Plato and something in him kindled. He learned what he could, eventually coming to distrust the 'wisdom' of Socrates as everything known about him came from the writings of students and contemporaries. But, it did lead him down the path where eventually he would find the likes of Kant, Neitschze, Rosseau, Emerson and others.

In his self-enforced isolation, Walker was always a reader, finding joy in classic authors such as King, Brooks, Pratchett as well as contemporary authors in that same vein - yet if pressed he'd read whatever was at hand. He also found joy in being outdoors because it was a time and place where he felt less isolated because it was just him and the honesty of nature. As a child living in a foster system, trips to go hiking, kayaking, camping, etc were few and far between.

Social workers were concerned about Walker's mental state and, misjudging the reaons for his isolation (mainly a telepathic child's misunderstanding of adult duality) tried their best to place him into social situations and group activities. None seemed to work and it only served to show Walker just how different he was.

He wasn't the best student mainly because he viewed the world through the lens of objectivity and rationality. Intelligent, he was too apt to question and failed to accept things on a "because I said so" dynamic. However, through his own worldview and philosophical studies he became very concerned with the idea of justice.

Finally seeing an interest they felt could be exploited for his best interest, his social worker arranged for him to join the local police department's cadet program. Though he still felt isolated and different, that feeling seemed lessened at cadet meetings and events. Officers didn't regard him as just another kid and their alpha personalities appealed. That their goal was protection of the innocent from the darkness of the world appealed.

Finally Walker felt he found the direction for his life. Except, he was to age out of the system before he'd come of age to apply for a full time police position. He didn't know how he'd fill those years but he would try. Finally, on advice of a department sergeant, Walker decided to let Starfleet fill those years.

As an orphan in the care of the Federation, Walker was eligible for scholarships to help cover the Academy. While his test scores weren't sufficient for higher level classes, an almost sure barrier to positions in the sciences, he didn't care because he was determined to go into security so that when he graduated and spent a few years in Starfleet, he'd be a stronger candidate for the police department.

After graduation of the Academy and his first posting, he kept extending his security career until he realized that he felt comfortable as a Starfleet security officer. Finally, it seemed as if he'd found his purpose in the world.

Even if he still didn't know who he was or from where he came.

His Starfleet career remains unremarkable. He performed his duties admirably, but his isolated personality and brunt honesty tended to put him in conflict with superiors and coworkers. While others promoted on track, he was frequently held back by performance reviews that praised his work but was critical of interpersonal skills. Yet, Starfleet being the paramilitary bureaucracy that it is, even Walker found himself promoting in rank and responsibility.

Even someone viewed as cold, harsh and insensitive to the emotional needs of others was needed somewhere in the galaxy.
Service Record TBD by starting rank - beginning with three years at the Academy (at age 19) and a slow promotional track.