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Ensign Trixia Sh'rhovek

Name Trixia Sh'rhovek

Position Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Home Planet Andoria
Age 22
Owner (for NPCs) Rhodes
Actor/Actress Kristin Kreuk

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 4"
Weight 125 lb
Hair Color White
Eye Color Gold
Physical Description Trixia is a slight girl with typical thick, white hair of Andorians. She spends time styling it in a different way every day, though there are a few styles she will use more often than others. She shows pride in her uniform by keeping it as immaculate as possible, even when shoulder-deep in a repair. She often runs from place to place.


Marital Status single
Father Andrax Sh'rhovek
Mother Sesmet Zh'vaonat
Sister(s) Adrax Sh'rhovek, 5 years older, An officer in the Andorian Home Guard

Personality & Traits

General Overview Trixia wants to show her superiors how good she can be. She will get caught up into whatever assignment she is given, sometimes to the detriment of her health. She is cautious but friendly once she knows you.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Efficient worker
+ Enthusiastic
+ Genius technician

- Workaholic
- Socially insecure
- Overwhelmed by the remote posting
Ambitions To rise through the ranks and lead an engineering team designing the next generation of starship.
Hobbies & Interests She likes furry animals, the cuter the better. She has an unusual interest in Klingon culture and food. She enjoys holodeck ice-scapes, especially those depicting locales near her home on Andoria. She will also partake in Andorian epics.

Personal History Trixia was the first of her family to join Starfleet. Her parents were engineers on Andoria, specializing in military weaponry, and her older sister joined the Home Guard. The expectation was that Trixia would have a similar career track within the Andorian military. While her choice to join Starfleet wasn't derided directly, she could tell that her parents were disappointed. Much of her motivation now is to make her parents proud and prove to them she made the right choice.

As far back as she could remember, Trixia was always tearing things down and reassembling them. From her toys as a child, to small appliances as a teen. When she was old enough to not get hurt, her parents let her help out with their vehicle work. She had a keen eye on how things worked together, and especially the computer code that ran them.

Her parents quasi-groomed her for a life in the Andorian military corps, as a warrior if not an engineer. But an encounter with a group of Starfleet officers on leave changed the trajectory of her life. Up until now, all she had known was the life on Andoria. The existence of interstellar travel was known, but it just didn't interest her. Andoria was comfortable.

Friends of her family ran a ski resort for Federation members, and one of their lift mechanisms failed. As a favor, the 17-year-old Trixia was asked to look at it. The repair wasn't too difficult, but she was fascinated by the variety of peoples using the slopes. Not just Andorians enjoyed Andoria. Back at the ski lodge, she reported the successful repair to the proprietor, and then noticed a group of skiers she saw on the slopes. Pulling up her courage, she approached and joined the conversation.

They were friendly, and she discovered they were Starfleet on leave. Many questions were asked and answered. She learned of Starfleet's mission, and their adventures in the galaxy. One member in particular, a young human Operation officer, piqued her interest.

It was a whirlwind ten-day romance, and they were practically inseparable. She showed him her favorite places on Andoria, and he continued to tell her about Starfleet. By the time he was recalled to his ship, she had completely re-thought her career. She realized she wanted a taste of that adventure. The thought of possibly rekindling the romance was a factor, but she knew from the start it was going to be a short-term thing. More than likely, another officer would steal her heart eventually.

Trixia discussed her plans with her parents. They were supportive of their daughter, but she knew they were disappointed. After taking the entrance exams, she learned in 2391 that she had earned entry to Starfleet Academy.

Her Academy years went by in a blur. She was fascinated by what she learned and the new friends she made. Another romance wasn't sparked yet, but she wasn't rushing on that front. Her first goal was to get onto a starship. Whens he learned she would be assigned to the USS Mark Miller on the fringes of Federation Space, she was both excited for the adventure, and a bit nervous about being so far away.
Service Record 2391-2395: Starfleet Academy, Operations
2395-Pres: USS Mark Miller, Ensign, Operations