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A mind is a terrible thing to misplace!

Posted on 26 Mar 2021 @ 11:34am by Lieutenant Lex D'Gracefull & Lieutenant JG Xero Bren

Mission: Shakedown cruise
Location: Medical
Timeline: just prior to post shipyard sea trials deployment

Ltjg Lex'EL D'Gracefull, woke up with a headache, and a growling stomach. After throwing on a new set of Engineering coveralls, then walked in front of the replicator, looked at the screen, then said " 6 french toast, hot, add butter, and confectionary sugar, 20ml, 9 eggs scrambled with extra cheese, fetta, mozzarella, tomatoes, and mushrooms, season lightly with oregano and basil, and garnish with parsley, drink, orange juice, 2 liters. He waited for the food to materialize then carried it over to the desk,. Feeling famished, he dug into the food with abandon, people to saw him eat often wondered how many fingers bystanders lost fingers to that ravenous mouth. Not taking long to inhale his food, Ltjg Lex'EL put the empty containers into the recycling slot below the replicator, walked over splashed water on himself,  walked out of the 4 person stateroom towards medicinal. Walking into medical, Ltjg Lex'EL walked up to the nurse and said  "Is the Doc in, I am having some issues."

Waiting to see the Doc, Ltjg Lex'EL looked around, seeing several pieces of equipment, that looked new, some still had the plastic wrap on, not having it been totally unpacked yet. The sickbay upgrade was finished, but some of the packing material had not been removed. 

When the Doc walked up, Ltjg Lex'EL said " Hey Doc, I have a problem, yesterday, I went to the bridge, and saw the XO,  worked on the helm console with her, went to Main Engineering to get a part, came back, and she had vanished, then no one else seemed to know who she was, there is no record of her being on the ship, and the officer on watch in the bridge while I was there, says I was talking to my self. How do we fix me? or is this one of those temporal puddle waves, and am I really here or did I get the switch to an alternate universe?"

At the time Xero had been sitting at his desk, "investigating" one of the newer tools that showed up during Sickbay's upgrade. "Really!?" he exclaimed, dropping the instrument, having forgotten it in the moment. "That's AWESOME!"

Grabbing a tricorder, the glee on the young Trill's face was plain as day. "Do you have any idea how many different kinds of things this could be!? Psychic sabotage, interdimensional travel gone wrong, time travel... How awesome would it be if you just kept jumping through dimensions!" He paused, his demeanor shifting to more contemplative than excited as he read over the tricorder's readings. Then, he sighed, closed the tricorder, and tossed it back on his desk. "Then again, it could be nothing, apparently..."

One of the disadvantages of joining with an unstable symbiont included a biological obsession with his most recent past host. Trael Bren, a Starfleet Admiral who specialized in temporal and interdimensional anomalies, attacks, accidents, and unintentional displacement. Having found temporal/dimensional sciences and exploration to be one of the great passions of his life; as such, the Bren symbiont had survived a significant number of such incidents.

"I would consider that it might be a psychological issue, but then again the symptoms sound similar to a temporal, or dimensional shift. Are you who you claim to be?" he asked gravely, with a raised eyebrow.

A long pause passed between them...

Lex'EL said, " Like I would tell you if I was not me!"

"I believe you are," Doctor Bren replied grinning at his own joke in answer to his own question. "I'm pretty sensitive to that kind of thing, and there haven't been any changes to our environment or myself; you seem like the you I'm used to, so the only difference is that you remember a female XO, and the only first officer I've met was the Ambassador and he was a very male Ferengi."

Lex'EL asked, "So I might not be me, so does that mean you might not be you!, because the only thing I can prove are not me!" after a pause, Lex'EL said, "So if there are classified orders, I might not be in the loop, but I thought I might want a check-up just in case!"

part One
to be continued!

Lieutenant JG Xero Bren
Chief Medical Officer
USS Mark Miller

Lieutenant Lex D'Gracefull
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Mark Miller



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