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This is me

Posted on 26 Mar 2021 @ 5:32pm by Lieutenant Ryan Hastings

Mission: Shakedown cruise
Location: Shuttle Andromeda
Timeline: Present


Ryan Hastings shuffled uncomfortably in his seat. The transport shuttle Andromeda had been travelling towards the Mark Miller's position for what seemed like days. In reality, it had only been a matter of hours.

Sharing the journey with Ryan was two Vulcan science officers, a trill tactical officer, a Bolian barber and a Klingon chef. His stomach turned at the thought of what the Klingon chef would throw together in the galley. Klingon Gagh had always been a delicacy he had managed to avoid up until now.

"Sorry for the delay folks," one of the shuttle's pilots came from the direction of the cockpit, "Also, many apologies for the food earlier. I'm still not sure how the replicator managed to screw up the food that badly, but I will get one of the engineers on the Mark Miller to take a look once we are docked.

Ryan's stomach churned loudly. His beef and merlot pie had suddenly become a jelly and gravy pie thanks to the earlier replicator malfunction.

"We're on our final approach as we speak, so sit tight and we'll be there in a few minutes." The pilot smiled and gave his passengers a thumbs up before returning to the cockpit.

Ryan swallowed hard as some of the jelly and gravy tried making its way back up. But before anything could happen, he caught a glimpse out of the window of the starship floating majestically in space. He was looking forward to his new posting, despite the stomach churning journey it had taken to get him here. Perhaps he'd finally found himself a home.

Lieutenant Ryan Hastings
Chief Security / Tactical Officer
USS Mark Miller


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