new sheriff in town?

Posted on 21 Apr 2021 @ 11:37am by Lieutenant Lex D'Gracefull

Mission: Shakedown cruise
Location: hanger bay
Timeline: pre deployment

Lt Lex'EL D'Gracefull, was tall and a bit wide, this came in handy in cases like today, they had over a hundred pallet of supplies in the main cargo bay, and most of the departments has most of their not-on-watch personnel picking up and moving crates to the hover pallet jacks to drag them to the storage room where they belong. Normally they would just beam them there, but a power surge took half of the transporter system offline that was not down for a ship alteration/ upgrade, Starfleet Engineering had two shipyard repair teams split up over 6 decks installing two upgrades to the power distribution system, life support systems and transporters. Engineering had half of the Engineering department were actually on watch, all 6 of them since they had to be on all six decks acting as a local source of knowledge and a safety/check valve to keep stupid stuff from happening. So since the other 5 who were not on watch were trying to troubleshoot and fix the main power distribution system on deck 9, a lateral main conduit had gone and decided to take a day off, taking with it 26% of life support, the rest of the transporters, and half of the lateral sensor relay network. So he was not directly involved in the repairs, because he could not physically fit into the Jefferies tubes on deck 9. Being left out, he decided that as department head, he would be his department's representative for the all-hands working party, due to the transporters being offline. A few eyebrows were raised when he showed up in his oversized Engineering coveralls, minus the rank insignia, he had conveniently forgotten to put them on his coveralls. Towering over all but 5 people in the working party, he started grabbing crates and tossing them on to pallet jacks in order of deck loadouts, deck four over there in a big pile, deck three... way over there, he got to play catch with a Klingon and a Gorn, until the aforementioned person started getting red not being able to keep up with the Gorn.  Lex started picking on a Gorn then... the giant reptile had no problem grabbing the crates he tossed at him/her/it... Lex was just starting to get winded when a loud announcement came in over the hanger bay announcing system.
[On the hanger deck, stand by to receive shuttle, spot 4...Stand by to receive shuttle, spot 4...]

Lex grinned as he saw a dozen heads in the shuttle viewports. Lex walked over to the shuttle as it sat down and then powered downed. Lex opened the hatch when the pilot gave him a thumbs up, looked at the passengers only seeing one officer, he barked "Everyone grab your gear and line up. Lt, if you will step over here with your gear, we will get your squared away." Lex yelled over to the Duty Corpsman "Hey Doc, take these fresh group of people to sickbay, give them free shots, stow their gear, then get them to chow, if it's up, and then back here if we don't have the transporter system fixed yet."

Lex turned to the  new LT " So LT what brings you to our neck of the woods?"

To be continued

Lt Lex'EL D'Gracefull
Chief Engineer
USS Mark Miller