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Status of USS Mark Miller

Posted on 18 Jun 2020 @ 2:26pm by Captain Abigail Rhodes


This message is a long time in coming.  After closing the last mission, I have taken a long, hard reflective look into my simming career, and decided it is time to retire.  Having done this since 2001, I am now at an end to my time and motivation to write Star Trek fiction.  So, as of this year, I am officially retiring from simming.

As for what this means for the Mark Miller... that is up to UCIP.  As of this message, I am handing control over to UCIP Admiralty to do with as they will.  For the time being, characters and etc will remain active.  I will retain administrative control over the site itself until such a time that UCIP Admiralty informs me they have someone to pass it on to.  A while back I emailed October, the current UCIP President, but have yet to hear back.  So, who knows how long it might be.

Feel free to continue to write here, if that is your wish, or transfer your characters to another sim.  If you wish to use your character elsewhere, let me know via PM and I can remove you from the manifest and release the character.  As for anything official, missions have been suspended until a new CO takes up the mantle.  And if you happen to have some Great Ideas ands wish to CO the sim yourself, let me know and I can pass your name on to UCIP Admiralty.

-Capt Rhodes (ret.)


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Comments (1)

by Captain Robert Bull on 11 Dec 2020 @ 4:36pm

I am the new CO and I will take care of her