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Away we go!

Posted on 18 Mar 2019 @ 1:53pm by Captain Abigail Rhodes


As you can see, I've posted the Staff Meeting.  From here, please use the Gremlins mission.  I'll keep Prologue open for a week longer to wrap up any further backposts.  After that, I'll be closing it off.

As far as the mission goes, the initial approach to the system will go smoothly.  We'll be able to scan the planets and watch the closing distance.  But, soon, Things Will Go Wrong.  Starting out as little annoyances (like replicators, lights, etc).  Initially the problems will be difficult to trace, but as the failures become more and more severe, then a cause will present itself.

So, for now, post about standard departmental operations, with perhaps a few annoying issues cropping up.  Once we get in-system, things will get more exciting.  :)

Captain Rhodes


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Category: Sim Announcement