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Mission Orders

Posted on 20 Apr 2019 @ 10:33am by Captain Abigail Rhodes


I've just issued a bit of plot via my NPC.  :)  So, from here, we will pretty easily figure out that the TribbleMatics are replicating themselves by consuming various ship bits.  Not only spare parts and supplies, but operational bits as well (since they can't tell the difference).  We'll get more system glitches, culminating in some pretty severe problems a little later.  ;)

For now, here are some things people can do:
- Fix issues caused by TribbleMatics "eating" components.
- Hunt them down and destroy/deactivate them.
- Experience glitches and system errors.
- Collect data on the imminent planetary collision.
- Brainstorm an idea to solve the infestation.

Please feel free to DM me anytime on Nova or Discord with any further questions or if you need to brainstorm a post idea.

Captian Rhodes


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