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Personal Log | Canceling Christmas

Posted on 11 Dec 2020 @ 10:01pm by Lieutenant Lex D'Gracefull
Edited on 15 Dec 2020 @ 6:38pm

Location: USS Mark Miller, somewhere in Jefferies tube 4C.

SD 242012.11

Ensign Lex'EL D'Gracefull, was currently laying on his back, upside down, elbows deep in the plasma conduits, reaching in to fix a leaking signal processor. Well, it was more like he was trying to reach in., being large, 2.19 meters tall, he had big hands and arms, and though this was not necessarily bad, it did contribute to not being able to see what he was doing, as his arms, the oversize Engineering tricorder, three tools, and the plasma lines themselves were in the way of his vision. It was more like he was playing operation blind. This week was ending on a sour note, first, the trouble ticket on the errant food replicators in the forward mess hall spewing figgy pudding by the kilo's then came the report of freezing temperatures on the bridge, someone had indicated, snow was flying out of the ventilation system onto the bridge. Then came the maintenance call from security saying short green men with pointy hats were seen by the holodeck, how that was his problem was beyond most logical thinking, but it was added to the long list of things to fix. Although hearing the 3rd deck enlisted quarters had sleigh bells echoing non-stop for 30 minutes, was kind of funny, so whoever every was pulling these pranks did have a sense of humor. But all these trouble calls had to be responded to, and his small staff of 13 was stretched thin as it was. The only positive aspect was not having the midwatch until the day after tomorrow. so as to whoever was pulling these pranks, he had no idea. If the science geeks were getting even for the power loss last week, he would speak to his boss, about having them included in the damage control drills next time preferably the ones at 3 am.  But the funny one, was the Navigator complaining about getting hit in the face with a banana cream pie tossed by a crewman dressed up as frosty the snowman. Security was supposedly investigating that one. Pulling his tools out of the plasma conduit, Ensign Lex'EL D'Gracefull aimed his engineering tricorder at the errant signal processor, then hit his comm badge +taps+ Engineering, Ensign Lex'EL D'Gracefull, pulse one-quarter power for 20 nanoseconds, while I check for plasma discharge. As the power began flowing through the plasma conduits and the signal processor started its power-up cycle, Ensign Lex'EL D'Gracefull noticed no errors, so he hit his comm badge again. +taps+  Engineering, Ensign Lex'EL D'Gracefull, pulse one-half power. Ensign Lex'EL D'Gracefull watched the tricorder and said "Great Everything is normal,"  after noticing that he was talking to himself and not Main Engineering, Ensign Lex'EL D'Gracefull again hit his comm badge. +taps+  Engineering, Ensign Lex'EL D'Gracefull, give me full power, look for feedback, and monitor the surrounding systems. Everything looked fine, so after receiving the everything is in the green report, Ensign Lex'EL D'Gracefull put the covers back on the plasma conduits and gathered his tools to head to the bridge. +taps+  Engineering, Ensign Lex'EL D'Gracefull, heading to the bridge to work on environmental.

LT Lex'EL D'Gracefull

Chief Engineering Officer

USS Mark Miller

NCC 120694







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