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Delivery of One Admiral

Posted on 16 Feb 2019 @ 10:28pm by Rear Admiral Valentina Petrovich & Captain Abigail Rhodes

Mission: Prologue
Location: Deep Space 13


Abby yawned broadly as she went about her morning routine.  She had quickly established a ritual, and could be on the bridge and ready for anything within minutes of waking.  Today, though, her sense of urgency was reduced.  They were on the last leg of their journey to Deep Space 13; a leisurely cruise through the last few light years.  After some calculations on their route and some creative use of gravity wells by Mr, Holmes, they were scheduled to arrive early.  Yesterday, Abby had ordered the ship to Warp Six to give the core a little breather after being on maximum cruise for well over a month.  It had the added benefit of delaying their arrival to just prior to mid day.  If all went well, the crew could grab lunch at Babel, the station's commercial district.

Overall, she was quite happy with her little ship.  The systems had performed above expectation, and every test they ran while at warp was well above standard.  They'd have to do  more thorough shakedown, of course, but Abby expected the ship to perform flawlessly.  She wished she could just get right out there and explore, but Ts had to be crossed, and Is had to be dotted.

Abby took her time getting ready.  She sat at her terminal with a cup of coffee and read the latest ship status reports.  Nothing was new, so she quickly skimmed them and loaded up the latest regional intelligence.  There were a variety of planets looking for different sorts of aid - anything from a few dozen tons of duranium to military aid to destroy an enemy.  She shook her head, glad she wasn't on the diplomatic side.  Long-range scan reports listed a number of possible systems for more detailed analysis.  Some with M-class worlds, others with potential resources to extract.  She had to smile at the sheer number of exploration possibilities.

There were reports of increased contact with Romulans.  It wasn't all that unusual since the Romulan Republic was founded and took the place of the old Empire.  But some of them were now looking to join the Federation.  Fringe colonies on the edge of the old Empire.  Abby didn't bother reading the lengthy political debates regarding the situation as they were drier than the Atacama desert.

The reports of Klingon contacts were more interesting to her.  And not just because they were more dramatic.  Within her AOR, they were the most likely antagonists her ship might encounter.  So far, though, they were sticking to border colonies; those former Romulan worlds closest to Klingon space.  With the galaxy being three-dimensional, while the rimward distance of those battles was a mere dozen light years, it was still more than two hundred light-years "under" Deep Space 13.  So far she could operate in peace… but how long that would last was anybody's guess.  Klingons have been ramping up their activity, annexing by force what they could.

Abby sucked her teeth and pushed away from her terminal.  Her mission was sure to be eventful, that was for certain.  This far from Earth, they were essentially on their own.  She liked it that way, really.  There was a sense of freedom about it all, despite the potential conflicts down the road.

Abby finished her morning routine and shrugged into her uniform tunic, closing it tightly across her torso.  She checked her mirror once before nodding to herself and exiting her quarters.


"Status report," Abby said as soon as she stepped onto the deck.  She didn't waste any time, heading directly for her command chair, offering Wainwright a nod in greeting.

"All systems green, ma'am.  We are scheduled to arrive in the 92 Eridani system in a few minutes," helmsman Holmes reported.

"Very good," she glanced at her armrest reports that only confirmed the information.  "Drop out of warp as soon as we enter the system and proceed at full impulse to the third planet."

"Aye, ma'am."  It was ultimately a superfluous order as Holmes knew the procedures, but one still had to follow protocol.

The wait wasn't long before the ship dropped out of warp with 92 Eridai before them.  They cruised through the system passing by a few planets on their way inwards.  They passed a purple, ringed gas giant, a pale blue ice giant, and a large rocky world that appeared to be a Class-Y demon.  A small sampling of the planets as the alignment wasn't conducive to viewing them all in one go.  Abby had a feeling that Holmes had planned it that way.

But before long, the blue orb of the third planet began to fill the viewscreen.  "Entering high orbit, ma'am."

Abby nodded, uncrossing her legs and leaning forward a bit.  "Match orbit with Deep Space 13 and prepare to dock."

"Aye, ma'am."  Holes was skilled, she had to admit.  She kind of wished that he was assigned to the Mark Miller rather than the Discovery-C.  Hopefully her own helmsman was at least just as good.

The orbital transfer was smooth as silk.  The Regula-class station grew steadily in their viewscreen from a tiny dot to the immense structure it was.  "Hail the station," she said.

Holmes pointed at her to indicate the channelw as open.  She obliged by stating, "Deep Space 13, this is the Mark Miller requesting clearance to dock."

"Mark Miller, you have clearance in the main bay, dock alpha.  Welcome to the sector."

"Thank you, Mark Miller out."  Abby nodded and Holmes turned to his console once more, easing the ship on thrusters into the wide docking bay.  The ship eased into position and docking clamps automatically engaged, dull thumps reverberating through the decking.

"Docking complete, umbilicals attached," Holmes reported.

"Good.  Let's see our new home."  Abby pressed the all-hands button on her chair for the first time and a whistle echoed through the ship.  "All hands, this is the Captain.  We've docked at our new base of operations, Deep Space 13.  It's been a long few weeks.  For those staying aboard, feel free to explore the station, but be prepared to depart at any time. Those transferring to other commands, I bid you adieu, and good luck in your assignments."

Abby shot a quick grin to her XO before vacating the bridge.  The trip out here was long enough; she needed to see the starbase as much as anyone.

[Deep Space 13]

Captain Rhodes and Admiral Petrovich walked through Operations, ostensibly inspecting the Admiral's new command.  It was more or less ceremonial; the officers working were professional and had been maintaining the station's presence ever since it went online.  Nothing really changed with the Admiral's arrival.  Well, except that the Task Force would now be official.

"Not a bad posting, ma'am," Abby commented once they reached the Admiral's office - already decked out in her personal effects.  A privilege of rank Abby had yet earned.  "I wouldn't mind something like this later in my career."

Valentina smiled and ran a hand across the transparent aluminum desktop.  "I am certain that's an eventuality, Abby."  The two women sank into chairs on opposite sides of said desk.  "So, what's next?"

"Next, we get crewed up," Abby stated.  "A few officers came along for the ride, but most will be waiting here and eager to report.  As soon as everyone's aboard, I'd like to run the ship through her paces.  A shakedown mission."

Valentina nodded, "Makes sense.  I'm sure we can arrange something.  Report to me when you're crewed."

Abby stood, "Of course ma'am."  She then stuck out her hand which the Admiral shook amiably.  "Good luck in your command, Valya."

"And you, Abby."  It was perhaps the last time in quite a while that the women could be so informal with each other.

Abby then stepped out of the office and through Operations to the turbolift.  She was determined to see what the rest of the station offered… and perhaps to find some real whiskey.


Captain Abigail Rhodes
Commanding Officer
USS Mark Miller

Rear Admiral Valentina Petrovich
Commanding Officer
Deep Space 13


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