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New things on the horizon

Posted on 06 Jul 2019 @ 6:29pm by Lieutenant Derrick Law III

Mission: Prologue
Location: USS Kennedy - Derrick's Quarters

The lights in the room were set at moderate level, the sounds of music being played by Miles Davis could be heard in the corridor just outside the room doors.  Inside however at first sight, no one appeared to be there.  'Miles is a great way to end the day.'  Thought Derrick as he could hear the music in the shower.  It was his usual way of ending a shift.  Almost like shifting gears from being an officer to just being Derrick.  It was soothing.

As he stepped out the shower the comm system went off, =/\= Lieutenant Law, your presence is requested in the Captain's Office.=/\= said the voice of Yeoman Chambers.  Derrick signed, and shook his head.  "On my way."  He said, his baritone voice indicating he was a bit tired.  Opening his closet, he pulled out a fresh uniform, made his inspections to make sure it was squared away and then proceeded to leave his quarters and head toward the Captain's ready room.

Door the corridor he had traveled many times, Derrick's mind began to wonder about what the Captain could possible need to see him for after shifts end.  He was after all just the assistant Chief, and to his knowledge all his reports had been filed correctly and met the approval of the Chief.  Stepping onto the turbolift, Derrick continued to think about what was so important that it could not wait until he was back in the morning.  

Once off the lift, he made a sharp left onto the bridge and proceeded down the Captain's ready room.  "You can go in,"  commented the soft voice of one Ensign Chambers, she smiled politely at him as she always did.  "Thank you, Ensign."  Derrick said as he offered a smile back, but it was clear the shift had worn on him a bit.  However, he always did his best to make sure that no one ever felt he was anything less that cordial and polite, no matter how he was feeling.

Stepping him sharply, Derrick stood in the position of attention, "Ma'am, Lieutenant Law repor..."  Derrick started to state before the Captain's hand went up and she shook him off.

"Relax, Derrick, this isn't a formal meeting."  Captain Veronica Winchester said, her british accent softly putting the young Lieutenant at ease.  She smiled as her bright blue eyes met his gaze.  "Have a seat.  Let's talk about a few things shall we?"

Derrick took a seat and allowed himself to relax a bit, "What is on your mind ma'am?"

"You.  I remember when you arrived, you barely spoke your first shift on the bridge.  Do you remember that day?"  She asked shifting back in her seat.

Derrick chuckled, "I do, I remember, you were scream at the top of your lungs at the young security Ensign for shutting down the tactical station and not know how to get it back up.  In his defense, it was fresh out of the academy.  Poor guy, had to step in and give him a hand."

Veronica laughed, "Yes well, you said nothing at all for a few weeks until one day you stepped in a senior staff meeting, and presented your idea for a new system configuration.  It was then I knew you would do very well in this fleet."

"Thank you ma'am, but I am still unsure what that has to do with now."  Derrick asked puzzled.

Veronica reached under her desk for a moment and pulled out two boxes and a PaDD.  "Everything, and as much as I do not want to do this, I am honoured as well." She said presenting the first box to him.  "You have been promoted to full Lieutenant, with all rights and privledges awarded this rank.  You are also being awarded the Starfleet Commendation for Meritorious Service, due to your outstanding work here on the Kennedy."  She added on presenting the second box.  "Now the hard part.  You are hereby relieved of your duties here on the Kennedy.  You are to report directly to your new assignment, the USS Mark Miller, under the command of Captian Abigail Rhodes."

Derrick was almost in shock, "Ma'am I am unsure of what to say."

"Thank you would be a start."  Veronica replied quickly.

"Yes ma'am, thank you ma'am." 

Veronica smiled gently at him.  "I do not know Rhodes, so I cannot give you a heads up on what to expect.  I know you however, so do not let that charming smile of yours get you into trouble.  Clear?"

"Derrick fought back that very smile and allowed for a smirk instead.  "Aye aye Captain.  Thank you, it has been an honor, and a pleasure serving with you."  He said as he stood in from of his now former Commanding Officer.

"Same, Derrick, Same.  The next time I see you, you better have three full pips, good luck to you on the M&M, I'm sure they will be happy to receive you as their new Chief."  She commented as she extended a hand.

Derrick met her hand with his own.  "Yes ma'am."

"You, young man, are officially dismissed, head to the station and their is a shuttle waiting for you to take you to the last known location of the M&M.  Good luck!"

Derrick snapped sharply to attention, nodded, turned on his pivot and left the office.  Feelings of excitement and sadness filled his mind.  He really did enjoy his time with this crew.  However, nothing in the fleet stays the same and it was time to move on.

He quickly headed to the lift, then to his quarters to arrange where his things were to meet him.  Grabbing a few bags, he packed what he knew he would need immediately and assigned for the rest to be transported to him.  Looking around his quarters, he smiled, then exited them for the last time.  

It wasn't long before he was on the station, and then on the next shuttle, new pip pinned, and orders in hand.

"Lieutenant?"  said the pilot.

"Lieutenant Law, I believe you are my ride to my next station."

"That would be correct.  Ready to leave when you are."

"I'm ready."  Derrick said as he sat back and awaited departure.  Soon to start the next chapter of his life.  Excited to see just what the Mark Miller had in store."


Lieutenant Derrick Law, III
Incoming Chief of Operations

 OOC:  Just trying to get myself there!  Thanks again for the welcome!



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