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He was here a second ago

Posted on 19 Feb 2021 @ 5:48am by Captain Robert Niko

Mission: Shakedown cruise
Location: Captain's Readyroom


=Ready Room=

Niko sat quietly working on the maryade of requests from the various departments across the ship. It wasn't long before he received a ring at the door. 


"Come in" as he looked towards the door. 

*The door opened to reveal a tall slender figure.*

"Hello Captain, I hope I'm not intruding at a bad time." Niko immediately recognized the figure as none other than Admiral Bullock. The old Earth accent was a dead giveaway for him.

Niko stood and gave his old friend a proper welcome. "What brings you aboard today? I believe you weren't scheduled for several days." 

The Admiral looked on. "Well I'm afraid I have more sudden news for you. Not only did you suddenly make Captain but, I'm afraid I must sequester your new XO as well." 

Niko was hiding his shock. The former Captain had a hasty reassignment and now the same for his new XO CDR Aijaa. "I can assume there is an emergency that the requires the Commander?" 

Indeed," as he continued. "Commander Aijaa has been requested to return to Trill immediately. I know he wasn't here more than a week but, it's above even my pay grade. The good news is we have someone on the way to replace him. He comes very highly recommended."

Were there anymore surprises yet to follow Niko wondered? "Anyone I know?" As he placed a hand to his forehead. 

Bullock grinned, "I understand your frustration but, I assure you. This should be the last one for awhile." 

*As Bullock knocked on desk* An old Earth superstition on attempting to make a promise. "I'll have his file sent over immediately." 

Niko looked surprised. "You don't know who's been assigned?" 

"Unfortunately, I don't. The transfer was so sudden. I only know he's a well respected Starfleet Ambassador." 

Niko replied sudden, "Ambassador? That's not typical of Starfleet but, I look forward to meet him." 

"Good," the Admiral replied. 

The meeting between the two concluded after going over the final preparations for the Cruise to take place in a few day. 

Robert Niko, Captain 
Commanding Officer 
USS Mark Miller



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