New Officer on the block

Posted on 26 Feb 2021 @ 6:53am by Ensign Rena Sara & Ensign Nisha Tahl

Mission: Shakedown cruise
Location: USS Mark-Miller


     Rena was on Starbase 13 she had gotten her orders on her padd to report to USS-Mark Miller as Security Officer so she kept walking onto the ship seeing everyone else in line reporting in as well so she did what everyone else did, stayed in line, and waited to be let in.

Rena was a bit nervous being Security Officer on a new ship luckily being a Betazoid she could sense the feelings of others as she smiled and waited for the others to get in it was a slow line then got faster as she finally made her way in nodding to other security officers, and showed them her orders, after that she headed to find her crew quarters by what the padd told her to find. She headed for the tourist turbo lift to take her to personnel quarters. Rena got off the lift as she walked along the corridor of the ship and as she finally found where her quarters were and put in the Access code on her padd to walk into her quarters.

Rena had found her quarters interesting as she put her bag down. She grinned as she was thinking of ideas on how to decorate it, and wondered if the Decorations should have Rena feel like home on Betazed. She walked to her quarter's replicator and had replicated a cup of raspberry tea to drink and sat down on her couch dreaming the rest of the day before reporting for duty.


 Ens Rena Sara
 Assist Security Officer
 USS-Mark Miller