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Furian scientist?

Posted on 23 Jan 2020 @ 1:11pm by Captain Abigail Rhodes & Lieutenant Azoroth Nightscale

Mission: Prologue
Location: Deep Space 13 Cafeteria
Timeline: Current

The USS Mark Miller. He would have to look into the history of this ship he just got assigned to. It intrigued him to find out that this ship was named perhaps on a founder of some sort. No matter, right now the concern of that was low on his priority list. While he was contemplating what type of ship it was the ship appeard on his pad.  Nova class, a bigger ship than what brought him to the space station to link up with this said ship.  

It took them a few hours to get there as the other ship had needed to gather supplies.  Once they were docked he realized he was hungry. Finding out through others that the food is better on a station he sought out the food court, so to say. It was interesting to find that this place housed thousands of people, of multiple races. Many he had never seen before. Too many to name.

As he got closer to the food area the different smells began to assault him. Smells he never smelled before as the kitchen staff cooked various meals. He felt like getting something different so ordered some fish and a few other sea life creatures. Of which he has never seen, or had a opportunity until now to try. He was told his food would be ready in a short bit, given a place to sit and so he waited. With so many people he wondered if any one he met at the academy would be here as well.

Abby's day had been a busy one, full of interviews and supervising the last-minute preparations before the ship got under way.  The day had got to mid afternoon before she realized she had apparently skipped lunch.  Being on DS13 already, coordinating some final supply loadout, she took a diversion to Babel, the starbase's commercial district.  She glanced around at the sundry shops and restauraunts, looking for something that stuck her fancy in the moment.

Noting a shop that displayed an array of sea life and a sign that flicked between a dozen languages she wasn't familiar with before flashing the word "Eat" in Federaiton Standard.  Presumably it read the same in all of them.  The establishment didn't have a visible name otherwise, so she decided to call it "Joe's" for now.  She walked in and surveyed the selections on offer before pointing out a few of what she assumed were crustaceans.  She was told it would be a few minutes, so she turned to find a seat. 

The room wasn't terribly busy, just typical mid-afternoon crowd.  One did catch her eye, however.  A face that appeared strangely familiar.  She snapped her fingers as she realized it was her new Chief Scientist.  Deciding now was as good a time as many to meet him, she approached.  "Is this seat taken?" she asked, indicating the chair across the table. 

He smirked for a moment before he replied. Then a moment of clarity came across his face as he realized this person was the captain of the ship he was assigned to. In the academy he was trained that in a normal situation he was to stand, give a salute and greeting of the day. Her approach to him signified that she was being more relaxed. He felt off guard for the first time since first joining the academy, something that rarely happens.  "N-N No ma'am, only y-you if you wish." His first words coming out as a stuttering mess. 

A welcome interruption came at that moment, his food arriving allowing him to compose himself. He gave a nod of appreciation towards the server as he said thanks. Thinking to himself, Wow, she's stunning, came through his mind.

"By all means, please sit with me Captain, it is fortunate that we meet over food. I didn't expect to meet you so soon in such a casual way." came his reply after the server dropped off the food. His cheeks were red as he was embarrased that he stumbled over such simple words. Taking a mental note that this was an area he let his guard down would not be forgotten. He also allowed himself this as everything was so different then his planet. He had a lot to adjust to.

Abby smiled and sat in the seat, soon followed by her own order.  She had the grace to ignore his initial reaction.  A Captain unexpectedly approaching someone outside context of work had that effect sometimes.  "Thanks, Lieutenant.  I've met most of the Department Heads in my office.  This is an opportune diversion."  She eyed the crustacean before her to try and figure out how to access the meat inside and asked, "So, what interests you in the sciences?"

"As a kid I always wondered what was out among the stars. That was until the day my planet erupted with creatures that emerged from the sands as the wet season began. Needless to say from then on I was obsessed with those creatures biology. I began to study their makeup, and what allowed them to go into 50 year long hibernations. As I learned about them I learned how to use their bodies as better armor for a better survival rate of others. To go far enough as to create antibodies for the venom they have."  Pulling out a small vile of clear liquid with a greenish hue.  "If we ever find other planets with those creatures, this will come in handy."  All this he said as his life had been engrained into him, to never forget the cost of life.

"It is my hope that I am able to gather information on the life of other planets, to learn and to  become well versed in the survival systems of planets within the universes." He then ate some of his oysters and crab picking the meat as if he was adept at gathering meat out of hard shells. "What, may I ask, is your story?"

"Oh," Abby said with a sort of half-smile, "A long and boring one, I'm sure.  I was also a scientist.  Specializing on planetary physics and geology.  Spent a few years on another Nova-class back then, too."  Her eyes drifted to the bulkhead behind which, eventually, laid the Miller.  She returned her eyes back to Azoroth and waved a hand vaguely, "Then a more or less standard rank progression."  She was career Starfleet, and even past traumas couldn't keep that from her.

"I see, a fairly regular life with deep knowledge learned during your time as a lower rank, and now that you have a ship. Now is the time you can truly test yourself and your limits. To learn yourself completely. To include those placed under you."  He replied.

"Something like that," Abby replied with a small smile.  She had to admit, the freedom of controlling where her ship went and what missions it performed was attractive.  As Azoroth said, it gave her an opportunity to test her own limits and those she commanded.

Having discerend an access method she cracked open her crustacean, revealing the white-pink meat within.  A morsel disappeared into her mouth before she added, "I'm supposed to be interviewing you." The sentence was said with an expression of amusement.  "On most ships, the sciences are a small dedicated department.  As a research vessel, the M&M will have a larger percentage of scientists aboard.  Most of the time you'll have priority on EPS and computing power.  Emergencies notwithstanding.  While we are at the mercy of the Admiral's orders, she has assured me that most of our missions will be exploratory.  Plenty of opportunoty for scientific study."

After a bit of small talk and the wrap up of their meal, Abby nodded to Azoroth.  "Well, we shall see you aboard then."  She stood with a smile and shook the officer's hand before disappearing back into the starbase's crowds.


Lieutenant Azoroth Nightscale
Chief Science Officer
USS Mark Miller

Captain Abigail Rhodes
Commanding Officer
USS Mark Miller


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