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New Captain

Posted on 19 Dec 2020 @ 9:01pm by Captain Robert Bull & Captain Robert Niko & Lieutenant Commander Azoroth Nightscale & Lieutenant Jason Hunters & Lieutenant Gabriel Walker & Lieutenant Lex D'Gracefull & Lieutenant JG Xero Bren & Ensign Nisha Tahl

Mission: Shoreleave 1
Location: Bridge
Tags: new captian, changeover , chain of command

The New Captain comes on board his ship off Deep space 13  He was happy to be assigned as new captain and looked forward to meeting his crew .

[Main Engineering, USS Mark Miller, DS13]
[Status: Docked with Starbase 13, providing all necessary Shore power and hotel services.]

Lt Lex'EL D'gracefull, Cheif Engineering Officer, looked at the group of Engineer's that was his flock of sheep. Every morning at 0800, They would meet and have turn over. This allowed for a smooth transition of work, passing a list of what criticial work was going on, and also gave the entire engineering department a general grasp of what was going on. Lt Lex'EL prefered his entire department know what was going on... Not just the top dogs.  Lt Lex'EL greeted his department, "Good Morning , ladies, gentlemen and other assorted lifeforms, welcome to today...Lt Lex'EL notices a new officer, arrive in the back of the room, but before he could say anything, he was interrupted by the 1MC( the main ship board announcing system.

+taps+ (computerized bosun whistle of arriving dignitaries)

Deep Space Thirteen, arriving...

after a several seconds pause, the same whistle, then the voice continued,

USS Mark Miller, Arriving.


Lt Lex'EL waited several seconds then said " OK, now that, that excitment is over with, we only have one trouble call, and...After listing off that, and the current locations of work orders that DS13 Star Fleet Corps of Engineering had crew working at, and what was expected of them. But before he could say anything more, he was interrupted a priority comm from his oversize P.A.D.D., which echoed all over the Main Engineering as each P.A.D.D. located in Main Engineering, offices, lockers and etc...echoed the priority message. It sounded like a horde of crickets had descended on the warp core as almost a hundred P.A.D.D.'s that were currently in Main Engineering sounded it's very own alert.

Lt Lex'EL said "WOW, I didn't know how many P.A.D.D's we had!" He then cautiously opened the  message as if it might explode in his hand...

=/\= USS Mark MILLER =/\=

Lt Lex'EL stood there for a second, then said "OK, that is one way to make a entrance!" Looking over at EMC Laconse,  he said "OK everyone, were now in four duty Section Watch rotation... I have Watch Section One, Chief, you have Watch Section 2, EM1 Anderson, Watch Section 3, and..."  Lt Lex'EL then looked over at EM1 Davidson and after a dramatic pause said, "EM1 Davidson, you get Watch Section four... Congrats on your promotion to first class, your first assignment is to write the new watch bill. Make sure no one feels left out!"

Lt Lex'EL stood there for a second then said "Non-duty sections get liberty at noon, unless something vital pop's up, duty sections, you get to knock off work at 1600... unless critical systems work is in progress.. we will try to get you extra help if you need it. Work will be done in order of priority. Duty section, try not to sleep to much." With that Lt Lex'EL said "Dismissed, but don't wander to far off. E6 and above, my office, Chief, divide up our little band of fix'er's upper's into 4 groups. "

With the Important stuff out of the way, Lt Lex'EL wandered in back of the crowd of enlisted crew-members talking excitedly about their new plans to get maximum liberty, to the new officer that was standing in back of the room.

[Main Bar, DS13]

Lieutenant Jason Hunters was sitting at the main bar on DS13, with both hands around a cup of coffee that was stationary on the counter. I wonder what Zara is doing right now, Jason thought. Probably working at the diner back on Luna, I probably should call her. Then he heard that the Mark Miller was in the process of docking. Welp, duty calls, the Lieutenant thought. Jason quickly downed his coffee and nearly inhaled his replicated burger, and slung his duffle bag over his shoulder. As he made his way to the Mark Miller, he pondered over his new assignment, as Chief Flight Control Officer, and how difficult it would be. Seeing how much experience and how muched he loved flying, he knew he could make a good impression.

[Guest Officer Quarters, DS13]

Gabe finished changing for his holodeck game in baseball pants and a Terrans team jersey.  Setting his cleats ontop of the gear bag by the door, he'd heard the chime of an incoming message on the desk computer.  Since his personal settings were usually on 'do not disturb' the sounding of the chime must be an official communique from command.  He sighed as he padded back to the chair to put on the shoes he'd wear to the holodeck and before changing into the cleats for the game.

He felt fortunate to be invited to play on the station's security team and today they were facing off against the Ops team.  It should be a relatively easy game, he was told.  The station's security baseball team took the game almost as seriously as he did.  But...a message arriving from command.

Now a door chime.  The choice between the two was easy.  He was expecting the door chime.

"You're not going to like it," Sarkasian said as he stepped into Gabe's quarters.

"Like what?" Gabe asked, heading for the desk.

"I'm telling you now, you're not going to like it."  The chief petty officer repeated, adjusting his own gear bag.

Gabe scowled as he quickly scanned the message and noted several more attached.  Crew rosters with jackets mostly.  "Four shifts?  Okay," he muttered.  "At max liberty?  Why the hell send out an announcement telling the crew to be at max liberty for a ship just docking?"  Gabe held his breath for several seconds.  "I don't like it." he finally muttered.

"Told you, Lieutenant," Sarkasian said, his face neutral and tone deadpan.

"Shut up, Chief," Gabe said as he grabbed his bag.  He'd look over the crew files later, but glancing at the list it was more of the same.  Squints, geeks and brainiacs.  Seems the ship was still a science vessel.  He was sure there'd be no real surprises in the crew files.  At the moment, he had more important matters to attend.  Namely, making the other team regret not forfeiting the game.

=Shuttle on final approach=

Niko sat up front with his pilot as they received clearance to land in the main Shuttle Bay. "Give me a good pass. I'd like to see her." 

The pilot nodded and gave the Miller a good fly by, an impressive ship by even modern standards. The ship was bustling with actively even on the outside as work crews worked tirelessly to prep the ship for its new mission. Once the Shuttle had landed the Saurian made his way to the Officer the Day on the Officer's Quarter deck. The OOD was more than happy to check him in and ensure his Stateroom was ready for him. 

After a short stroll through the labrinth or passageway's aboard the Miller. He found his Stateroom. After getting settled in he said " ah, new combadge" and picked it up off the table. As usual, his name, rank, and serial number was on the back. 

 Nisha was walking along being the new Security officer on the block thought maybe she'd meet the new Captain. She kept walking and tapped her comm badge. "Captan Bull I'm Ensign Nisha Tahl I'm a new security officer and I'm wanting to make my Introductions" Nisha said in a kind way I'm on my way to meet the Security chief too." Nisha  said waiting as she kept walking.

"Well, seeing as the ship hasn't been making any news lately im not sure if things will ever change Frank." Azoroth said to one of the few friends he made while the Miller was getting a workover. 

"Yes, I know I got promoted and moved to second on top of my other duties, but it was either me or that fool from accounting. You know how much trouble that guy get into." 

"Hold on Frank, it looks like the Miller is finally ready to get underway once everyone reports from duty,, call you later." 

Having his stuff ready for this day he send the bulk of it to the ship as azoroth brings his few PADDs need to be finished so he would know the new crew, and where they were from.

=/.= Infirmary, DS13 =/.=

"Good luck out there, Admiral." The words came muffled from the area between his shoulder and his neck.

"That's not funny," Xero replied with a halfhearted grin and shake of his head, disengaging from his favorite nurse's emotional embrace. While he remembered how much she meant to him, how well they'd worked together for the past four years, and really all the bonds that had formed over his time aboard the Starbase, he felt slightly disconnected from it all, just as he had for the past two months.

A lot changed for him in those eight short-yet-incredibly-long weeks. When he laid down on the bio-bed, he'd been a bright-eyed resident doctor on medical leave from Starbase 13, where he'd enjoyed a speciality in xenovirology, and though was perfectly competent in it--tried to avoid major surgical operations because he felt so anxious about missing the smallest detail and killing someone. When he woke up two days later, the first thing on his mind were his son, his crew, and his shi--what the hell am I doing back on Trill!? "Aw hell... Lucky number 9..." he muttered as he looked as he looked at his new hands. "Well, I'm a male again... guess that's a plus..."

From that point forward he was a new man (which, of course, was the point.) Suddenly his confidence seemed unflappable, his job performance improved drastically, he discovered that his symbiont became distressed whenever he was beamed from one place to another, and he requested a transfer because he felt a deep-seated need to get back out into space.

When he recieved a message that the Mark Miller's crew was on liberty, he figured then was as good a time as any to begin his 'farewell tour.' After 4 years on the station, there were a lot of goodbyes to say, and the tearful hug from which he'd just extricated himself was step 1. Realizing how long and difficult the journey would be, he wispered a silent thanks to his future CO for granting a little extra time for closure. 
As he saw his crew boarding the ship One By One Captain Bull  was Glad he accepted the This Vessel as his First Command and He look Forward to Exploring the Quadrants with them " "Welcome  Aboard all crew  Old and New Glad to be your new Captain" 



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