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The USS Mark Miller NCC 120694, or the M&M as it is affectionately known, is a Nova-class science vessel operating in the farthest reaches of the Federation in the Beta Quadrant. The mission is long-term scientific survey and study of planets and systems charted by long-range explorers and probes. The M&M is tasked by leadership at Deep Space Thirteen to perform more detailed analysis and study of target planets.

After the Hobus supernova in 2387 destroyed Romulus, the Romulan Star Empire was thrust into chaos. Factions within the fractured empire vied for control, and Klingons knocked on their doorstep, striking deep into former Empire space. By the time the dust settled, close to a third of the former Empire was annexed by the Klingon Empire. The Romulans that remained founded a Republican government in the Rator system and started to forge peaceful relations with other galactic powers.

Now, eight years after the cataclysm, the galaxy has become somewhat more stable. Federation aid still flows into Romulan space as there are still planets recovering. The Klingons, with more territory and power, have become more aggressive, striking out in old patterns and threatening Federation border worlds.

This is the galaxy within which the USS Mark Miller operates. The ship focuses on science, but run-ins with the Klingons this close to the Empire are inevitable. Will the little ship persevere?

Mark Miller was a founder of UCIP and this vessel and sim are named in honor of his service. Additionally, the Registry number of 120694 is an homage of the founding date of 06 December 1994.

Captain Abigail Rhodes
Commanding Officer

Commander Gerald Wainwright III
Executive Officer

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» Departments

Posted on 17 Feb 2019 @ 8:37pm by Captain Abigail Rhodes in Out of Character

Department Heads-

Just a quick FYI...  Feel free to flesh out your departments with NPCs.  Just don't go too overboard.  We have limited space on the Nova-class after all.  ;)

Any new applicants into your department will be given the "officer" position, and I will lean on you to organize your departments.  I expect preference to be given to player characters over NPCs for positions like Assistant Chief, etc.

Captain Rhodes

» Arrival at DS13

Posted on 16 Feb 2019 @ 10:36pm by Captain Abigail Rhodes in Sim Announcement


As you can see from my latest post, we have (finally) arrived at DS13.  From here, feel free to post yourselves aboard and/or exploring the starbase and surface outpost.  There's quite a bit of potential there, so if you want some writing prompts just ask!  Similarly, I will also be available for joint posts.  I would like to have at least a post with all of the Department Heads, but anyone is welcome to start one up.

We'll keep the Prologue mission open for a little while longer, at least to the end of February to allow for crew to report in.  The current plan is to start our first mission in earnest around March 1st.  We're still looking for players, so if anyone has anyone in mind, feel free to invite them.

Captain Rhodes

» And away we go!

Posted on 16 Dec 2018 @ 9:22pm by Captain Abigail Rhodes in Sim Announcement


Well, looks like the site is all set and ready to go!  Just need some more players and we can get the first mission started. 

We are currently open for appplications, but posting will only begin after the first of the year.  In the meantime, enjoy the Prologue posts the CO and XO will be issuing soon.

Capt Abigail Rhodes
Commanding Officer

Latest Mission Posts

» The Queen of Wishful Thinking

Mission: Prologue
Posted on 17 Feb 2019 @ 9:34am by Lieutenant Gabriel Walker

Gabe stood at the plasteel window, hands held in front of him and gripping his personal PaDD.  He’d been standing for some time and was beginning to fill the tinge in his lower back.  Two days in medical took care of most of the injuries incurred on the planet.  But,…

» Delivery of One Admiral

Mission: Prologue
Posted on 16 Feb 2019 @ 10:28pm by Rear Admiral Valentina Petrovich & Captain Abigail Rhodes


Abby yawned broadly as she went about her morning routine.  She had quickly established a ritual, and could be on the bridge and ready for anything within minutes of waking.  Today, though, her sense of urgency was reduced.  They were on the last leg of their journey to Deep…

» An Interview with the Captain

Mission: Prologue
Posted on 16 Feb 2019 @ 9:18pm by Captain Abigail Rhodes & Ensign Trixia Sh'rhovek


They had been under way for just a day when Abby had requested the new Operations Ensign to stop by her office at her first convenience.  There wasn't a lot to do quite yet, so she expected the meeting would occur pretty soon.  She wouldn't be able to do…

» Drowning Under the Stars

Mission: Prologue
Posted on 11 Feb 2019 @ 8:21am by Lieutenant Gabriel Walker

If this was regaining consciousness, Gabe felt, then he was okay with remaining unconscious.  Pain flared in his face and back.  That was to be expected considering the events from earlier.  He wasn’t sure how long it’d been since he was captured, but there was still strong daylight outside the…

» Then a Hero Comes Along

Mission: Prologue
Posted on 10 Feb 2019 @ 9:28am by Lieutenant Gabriel Walker

At mid afternoon, in a clearing of trees grown shorter and more stunted than where he'd made camp the previous night, Gabe stopped to have a late lunch. As promised, breakfast was the luxury meal where lunch was the major remnants of an MRE he broke open earlier as a…